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[[Image:Tonga Wesleyan Church.jpg|thumb|right|340px|Wesleyan Church in Neiafu, Vavau, Tonga, 1884. Image courtesy of The George Handy Bates Samoan Papers, University of Delaware Library, Newark, DE.]]''[[Pacific Island Guide to Family History Research|Pacific Island Guide&nbsp;]] &gt; &nbsp;Tongan customs and research ideas'' <br>
A case study with research steps, and description of genealogy resources in the Family History Library.
The further back in time, the more likely that a person has changed his or her name. If someone did something, proving themself in a certain way, they can change their name accordingly.&nbsp;Study the context of the person’s life, including parents, and other family members when dealing with name changes. On some Church records, the person’s <br>several names may be given.
'''4. Write what is learned and share the information with others.<br>'''We also compiled the stories of our family and published them in a book, Tisina Wolfgramm Gerber, ''[ Iohani Wolfgramm, Man of Faith and Courage]'' (S.l.: s.n., 2001?) [FHL book 921.9612 G313i]. Testimonies, family stories and memories, as well as family history of our ancestors have been compiled in this book.&nbsp;&nbsp; You also could eventually compile your family stories into a book, if you have the time and the means to do it,
'''5. Share the information with others.<br>'''Before we came to America, my father was able to get permission to copy the royal lineage charts of ''Amelia Tamaha'' at the Kings’ palace, and several other charts of Royal ancestors. He brought these with him. The family donated them to the Family History Library as the ''Iohani and Salote Wolfgramm Papers'' mentioned below.
=== Research Ideas and Resources ===
'''Iohani and Salote Wolfgramm Papers'''
Tisina Wolfgramm Gerber, ''[Iohani and Salote Wolfgramm Papers]'' (Salt Lake City: Filmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah, 2003) [[*,0,0 FHL film 1224623]]. These papers include:<br>
*''95 Genealogy Charts of Royal Families, Nobles, and Chiefs from `Ahoeitu and Tangaloa and his son `Ahoeitu (the first Tui Tonga, 950 A.D.) to Tui Ha`atakalaua, 1450, including the Ha`a Túi Kanokupolu line.'' This is not a complete record, but only a few from the Genealogy papers of Iohani and Salote Wolfgramm.
The Place Search of the Family History Library Catalog will help you find and use records about Tongans. In the online Catalog click on each blue underlined topic or title to see more details about it. Click the '''View Film Notes''' button to see microfilm numbers. The sources on microfilm can be ordered and viewed at your local Family HIstory Center. To find a Family History Center near you, [ click here]. Search the online Catalog for the records of Tongan ancestors at each of the following levels:
'''''National level.''''' Use the Place Search to find the records of for the whole nation of Tonga. To do this [*,0,0 click here], and then click on the blue underlined topic of interest. <br>
'''''Island group level.''''' Likewise, use the Place Search to find additional records at the island group level. Click one of the main three island groups below and then click on the blue underlined topic of interest within that group. <br>
*[*,0,0 Ha`apai] island group
'''''Village level.''''' Some records are only about one village, for example, Hoi. To start, open the the Place Search by [*,0,0 clicking here]. Then find records at the village level by typing the name of the village in the ''Place'' field, and then clicking on the '''Search''' button. In the ''Place Search Results'' click the blue underlined name of the village. Then click the blue underlined topic of interest for that village to see titles under that topic. Click the blue underlined title to see more details. If available, also click the '''View Film Notes''' button.
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