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Tonga customs and research ideas
[[Image:Tonga Wesleyan Church.jpg|thumb|right|340px|Wesleyan Church in Neiafu, Vavau, Tonga, 1884. Image courtesy of The George Handy Bates Samoan Papers, University of Delaware Library, Newark, DE.]]''[[Pacific Island Guide to Family History Research|Pacific Island Guide&nbsp;]] &gt; &nbsp;Tongan Customscustoms and research ideas'' <br>
A case study with research steps, and description of genealogy resources in the Family History Library.
'''''Village level.''''' Some records are only about one village, for example, Hoi. To start, open the the Place Search by [*,0,0 clicking here]. Then find records at the village level by typing the name of the village in the ''Place'' field, and then clicking on the '''Search''' button. In the ''Place Search Results'' click the blue underlined name of the village. Then click the blue underlined topic of interest for that village to see titles under that topic. Click the blue underlined title to see more details. If available, also click the '''View Film Notes''' button.
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