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''[[United States|United States]] [[Image:Gotoarrow.png]] [[Maine|Maine]] [[Image:Gotoarrow.png]] [[Franklin County, Maine|Franklin]] [[Image:Gotoarrow.png]]'' '''Bloomfield Plantation'''
'''Bloomfield Plantation''' was organized from T1 R3 WBKP ([[Coplin Plantation, Maine|Coplin Plantation]]) and T4 R3 BKP WKR ([[Wyman Township, Maine|Wyman Township]]) in 1841.<ref>Maine Historical Records Survey Project, Division of Professional and Service Projects, Work Projects Administration, ''Counties, Cities, Towns, and Plantations of Maine: a Handbook of Incorporations, Dissolutions, and Boundary Changes'' (Portland, Maine: The Survey, 1940), 68 (digital p. 77). A digital version is available via {{FHL|283056|item|disp=a link in the FHL Catalog}}.</ref> <ref>[;amp;amp;idnum=418&amp;amp;amp;db=7 Bloomfield] in ''Miscellaneous Municipal Records Filed with the State'' section of ''Maine Archive Interactive'' (accessed 21 September 2013).</ref> In 1845 Bloomfield Plantation became a part of [[Jackson Plantation, Maine|Jackson Plantation, Maine]].<ref>[;amp;amp;geocode=07040 Legal History of Jackson Plantation, Maine] in ''Maine Genealogy'' (accessed 21 September 2013).</ref> <ref>Maine Historical Records Survey Project, 81(digital p. 90).</ref> Eustis seceded from Jackson Planttion in 1857.<ref>[ Eustis, Franklin County, Maine] in ''Maine Genealogy'' (accessed 24 June 2013).</ref> Coplin Plantation was created from the center of Jackson Plantation in 1866, thereby splitting Wyman from Lang.<ref>[ Coplin Plantation, Franklin County, Maine] in ''Maine Genealogy'' (accessed 24 June 2013).</ref> At that time Wyman '''''may&nbsp;''''' have become an unorganized territory ([[Maine townships|township]]), or it '''''may not&nbsp;''''' have become a separate jurisdiction '''''until later&nbsp;''''' when the remains of Jackson Plantation were reorganized at last as [[Lang Plantation, Maine|Lang Plantation]] in 1895.<ref>[ Lang Township, Franklin County, Maine] in ''Maine Genealogy'' (accessed 24 June 2013).</ref>
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