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''[[United States|United States]] [[Image:Gotoarrow.png]] [[Maine|Maine]] [[Image:Gotoarrow.png]] [[Franklin County, Maine|Franklin]] [[Image:Gotoarrow.png]]'' '''Bloomfield Plantation'''
'''Bloomfield Plantation''' existed prior to 1845. Clues indicate it consisted of what is now [[Wyman Township, Maine|Wyman Township]] and [[Coplin Plantation, Maine|Coplin Plantation]]. <ref>[;amp;amp;amp;idnum=418&amp;amp;amp;amp;db=7 Bloomfield] in ''Miscellaneous Municipal Records Filed with the State'' section of ''Maine Archive Interactive'' (accessed 21 September 2013).</ref> In 1845 Bloomfield Plantation became a part of [[Jackson Plantation, Maine|Jackson Plantation, Maine]]. Eustis seceded from Jackson Planttion in 1857. Coplin Plantation was created from the center of Jackson Plantation in 1866splitting Wyman from Lang. At the same that time Wyman may have become an unorganized territory, or it may not have remained a part been separated until later when the remains of Jackson Plantation until Jackson was were reorganized as [[Lang Plantation , Maine|Lang Plantation]] in 1895. '''Adjacent towns: ''Franklin Co.: '' Alder Stream Township | [[Carrabassett Valley, Maine|Carrabassett Valley]] | [[Coplin Plantation, Maine|Coplin&nbsp;Plantation]] | [[Dallas Plantation, Maine|Dallas Plantation]] | Davis Township | [[Eustis, Maine|Eustis]] | Jim Pond Township | [[Lang Plantation, Maine|Lang&nbsp;Township]] | [[Rangeley, Maine|Rangeley]] | Redington Township | Stetsontown Township | Tim&nbsp;Pond&nbsp;Township |''Somerset Co.: '' Bigelow Township | Dead&nbsp;River&nbsp;Township | Flagstaff&nbsp;Township'''  === References === {{reflist}}  {{MEFra towns}}  [[Category:Franklin_County,_Maine]] [[Category:Extinct_Plantations_in_Maine]]
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