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== Parish History <br> ==
Bedford, is a borough which comprises the '''parishes''' of St. Cuthbert, St. John, St. Mary, St. Paul, and St. Peter Martin. The parish of St. Paul is the largest; an additional church, dedicated to the '''Holy Trinity''', was erected in 1839-40, There are places of worship for '''Baptists''', '''Independents''', '''Wesleyans''', and '''Moravians'''; as well as the '''Primitive Episcopal''' or '''Reformed Church of England'''. <ref>[ John Marius Wilson, Imperial Gazetteer of England and Wales (1870-72)]</ref> Also, see last paragraph in<ref>Lewis, Samuel A., [ ''A Topographical Dictionary of England''] (1848), pp. 188-194.. Date accessed: 29 August 2013.</ref>
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