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Methods of Listing Sources Consulted But Not Cited

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'''NOTE: We invite users to discuss additional possibilities of the best practice for listing sources consulted, but not cited. To add your comments, please click on the corresponding "DiscussionTalk" link for this page.'''
=== Listing sources consulted but not cited ===
=== One possible solution ===
Using the example above, if only two books contained information that was used in the article, these would be added as citations at the bottom of the page. Additional details are available about [[Cite Your Sources (Source Footnotes)|how to add citations to an article]]. The other three books, however, could be added on the article discussion talk page. This would allow readers to see the actual sources of information available in the main article, while having access to additional details about the article attached to the article via the discussion talk page for that article.
=== Other options ===
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