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Lake Superior Chippewa

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'''17th century:'''
Very early in the 17th century the white confederation invaded eastern North America. England had overthrown either a non white rule at England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales or a possible other scenario prevented England from invading the America's.. By the 1580s, England had been freed from the foe which controlled them. England quickly joined the other white nations who were invading the America's. They were the Dutch, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedes.
They formed alliances with non Algonquian Indians and launched a massive military campaign around 1629. From Florida to Quebec, the white confederation and their Indian allies had driven the eastern Chippewa's to near Lake Michigan. However, the Lake Superior Chippewa's were reinforced with large numbers of Chippewa soldiers from the west. They eventually drove the whites and their Indian allies back towards the Atlantic Coast.
'''18th century:'''
Wars became more deadly as the 18th century progressed. In the first half of the 18th century, the Chippewa's kept the whites and their Indian allies confined along the coasts. By the 1760s, the whites led by England , were forcing their way west. England commenced to build trading posts inland from Hudson Bay in 1774. After the Battle of Fallen Timbers, the leaders of the '''Lake Superior Chippewa '''agreed to accept peace and cede land.
'''19th century:'''
In 1811, the English invaded Indiana which started the War of 1812. The '''Lake Superior Chippewa '''could not defeat the whites. After the war they ceded more land. Large numbers of '''Lake Superior Chippewa '''followed prophecy and migrated to the north, west, and south. Many stayed in their original land around the Great Lakes including in New York State.
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