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::While in the new FHLC on []:<br>
::a. Put your county into the search "For" field, i.e. AdamsJackson, OhioArkansas.<br>
::b. Click on the county name as it appears beneath what you are typing, and hit the Search button. <br>
::c. Select the taxation topic from the list. <br>
::d. Select any record listed in the taxation topic. <br>
::e. In the taxation record that you selected, under the "Subjects" heading select the link called "Ohio, (your county)– Taxation". <br>
::f. Click on this blue subject link (i.e. OhioJackson, Adams Arkansas - Taxation). <br>
::g. In the upper left corner you will find a heading titled "Search" containing the term Subject Number. Under that is the heading "For" with a number. Copy the number in the "For" field.<br>
::h.Paste the number in template listed in #1 above replacing the number field in the template.<br>
<br> 11. Hit enter on your keyboard.
12 In the 'Summary:' box at the bottom of the page put: Adding OH AR Tax Record repositories More Records template.
13. Click on the Save Page button.
*If you have questions about editing, go to wiki help links under the heading [[FamilySearch Wiki:WikiProject Ohio Arkansas Tasks-Tax Records Other Repositories#Description|Description]].<br>
<br> 14. Mark the&nbsp;[[FamilySearch Wiki:WikiProject Ohio Arkansas Tasks-Tax Records Other Repositories#Assignment_Chart|Assignment Chart]] below to indicate you have finished the task. <br>
15. Also, report your finished task on the [ Ohio FamilySearch Completed Task Google Form]. Follow the instructions on the Google form. This step is important for documenting completed wiki volunteer work. Thank you! <br>
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