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How to Find United States Death Records

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== '''Start Here: Where Did the Death Occur?''' ==
*[[How to Find United States Marriage Records|How to find US marriage records]]
=== Tips about About Searching United States Death Records ===
:*Most states began recording deaths between 1900 and 1930, but each started a different year. For example,
:*'''New England states''' started recording deaths on the town level starting as early as the first residents of the town. New England states consist of'''''Connecticut''', '''Rhode Island,''' '''''<i>Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont,</i>'''and '''''New Hampshire.'''''
:*Some '''states''' began recording deaths on the county level as early as the 1860s.
:*'''Restrictions:''' some states have restrictions on who can see them. Each state has its own laws. One state may have deaths for some years available to everyone while other states may limit access to relatives.
=== Frequently Asked Questions about About United States Death Records ===
'''How do I find my ancestor’s death record?''' <br>
:*Name of undertaker and cemetery where buried
<br> More information about US Death Records can be found on [[United States Vital Records|United States Vital Records]] wiki page. {{United States Combo}}
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