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== Stakes in the county, 1930 ==
*[[Wards and Branches of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Blaine Stake, Idaho LDS Church Wards and Branches|Blaine Stake, Idaho]]<ref>{{UTChurchLDSJensonsBegUTChurchJensonsBeg}} p. 70</ref> **'''Stake Boundaries '''as of about 1930: **'''Wards, 1930: '''
<br> '''Stake Boundaries '''as of about 1930:  *Stake included parts of Blaine, Camas, Gooding, Jerome and Lincoln counties in Idaho. '''Wards and Branches, 1930: '''  *Carey and Gannett wards in Blaine County, Idaho; Gooding ward, Wendell ward and Hagerman Branch in Gooding County, Idaho; Jerome Ward in Jerome County, Idaho; Manard Ward and Fairfield Branch in Camas County, Idaho; and Richfield Branch in Lincoln County, Idaho.
== Alpha list of wards in the county ==
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