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=== Wards and Branches ===
==== yy Boise 1st Ward ====
See [ ''Encyclopedic History...''], p.xx-xx76.<ref>{{UTChurchLDSJensonsBeg}} p. xx-xx.76</ref><br>
'''Boundaries:'''East side of city of Boise. <br><br>
'''History timeline'''
*1923 The Boise Ward was divided 4 March into the Boise 1st and the Boise 2nd Wards.
'''Obtain the Records'''
*List of {{FHL|Saints. ____|corporate|disp=____ Boise 1st Ward}} church and other records at the [[Family History Library|FamilySearch Library]].
*For additional resources, see [[LDS Archives and Libraries#Church_History_Library|Church History Library]].
==== yy Ward ====


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