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[[Norway|'''''Norway''''']] &gt; '''''[[Rogaland County, Norway|Rogaland County]] &gt;&nbsp;Ferkingstad''''' <br>
Ferkingstad is in the [[Karmøy Region, Norway|Karmøy Region]]. Other parishes in this region include Karmøy the parishes of [[Avaldsnes, Norway|Avaldsnes]], [[Kopervik, Norway|Kopervik (Stangeland)]], [[Skudenes, Norway|Skudenes]], [[Skudeneshavn, Norway|Skudeneshavn]], [[Torvastad (Torvestad), Norway|Torvastad (Torvestad)]], [[Falnes, Norway|Falnes]], [[Ferkingstad, Norway|Ferkingstad]] and [[Åkra, Norway|Åkra]].
=== Church Records ===
*'''1910 Census (Folketellingen]'''
[ 1910 Census search at Digitalarkivet]
=== Court Records ===
=== Land Records ===
=== Probate Records ===  
For 1666-1795 the probates are found in [[Ryfylke og Karmsund, Rogaland County, Norway|Ryfylke og Karmsund]] judicial district.<br>For 1793-1901 they are found in [[Karmsund, Rogaland County, Norway|Karmsund]] judicial district.<br>The clerical probates for 1692-1812 are found in [[Karmsund, Rogaland County, Norway|Karmsund]] deanery.
===== Availability ===== 
Ryfylke og Karmsund judicial district<br> *1666-1795 [ Family History Library]<br> *1666-1795 [ Digitalarkivet]<br> *1666-1815 Probate card indexes sorted by farm name [ Digitalarkivet]
Karmsund judicial district<br>*1793-1901 [ Family History Library]<br> *1793-1901 [ Digitalarkivet]. Karmsund deanery<br> *1692-1812 Clerical probate records [ Family History Library]<br> *1692-1812 [ Digitalarkivet].
=== Farm Book ===
You will find a list of all the farms which are found in the modern Karmøy kommune. As the information comes available there will be a link from the table to the information on a specific farm. On the internet you will only find information of those inhabitants who had registered descendants. A more complete listing is found in the office in Skudeneshavn. You can E-mail inquires to:
=== Farm Names ===
22 Braatet28 Dyrland22 Ferkingstad31 Haga26 Haugen29 Hebnes26 Kvilhaug27 Kvilhaugsviken25 Langaaker30 Langheigjerdet27 Løken25 Myren23 Nes30 Sand-Haaland33 Sandve22 Sletten21 Stave24 Stol32 Vikre25 Østraatt
=== References ===
[ Oluf Rygh: Norwegian Farm Names]
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