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{{breadcrumb| link1=[[SpainGenealogy|Spain]]|link2=[[Autonomous Community of Pais Vasco, SpainGenealogy|Pais Vasco]] | link3=| link4=| link5=[[{{PAGENAME}}|Vizcaya Province]]}}Guide to '''Vizcaya Province ancestry, family history and genealogy:''' birth records, marriage records, death records, census records, parish registers, and military records.{{Spain-sidebar}}{| style="float:right"|-| style="padding-right:0px"|[[Image:GotoarrowSP Locator Map Spain Vizcaya.png|thumb|<center>Vizcaya Province</center>]] |}{||<div id="fsButtons"><span class="online_records_button">[[Spain Provinces|Spain ProvincesOnline Genealogy Records]] </span>|<span class="community_button">[[ImageFamilySearch Genealogy Research Groups|Ask the <br>Community]]</span></div>|}<br>__TOC__<br>'''Most of your genealogical research for Vizcaya will be in two main record types: civil registration and church records. This article will teach you methods for locating and searching these two record groups.''' == History == Biscay (Spanish: ''Vizcaya'') is a province of Spain and was included in the newly created Autonomous Community of the Basque Country (Spanish: ''País Vasco'') in 1979 along with the provinces of Álava and Gipuzkoa. It lies on the south shore of the Bay of Biscay. The provincial capital is the city of Bilbao. The province is divided into 111 municipalities.<ref>Wikipedia contributors, "Biscay," ''Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia'', https:Gotoarrow// (accessed September 21, 2020).</ref> ==Place Names== When conducting research in Vizcaya, you will find on many websites that the town names are written in Basque, not in Spanish. There is a tool that will help you convert the town names and give you a link to the FamilySearch Catalog entry for the Catholic Church parish records. [[Vizcaya_Town_Names|Click here]] to visit the tool. ==Civil Registration==*Spanish civil registration records (government birth certificates, marriage certificates, and death certificates) began in 1871. *Births, marriages, and deaths were recorded by the local '''''Juzgado de la Paz''''', or '''''Oficinia del Registro Civil'''''. The records are still housed in their local municpal archives. In addition, Spain does have a '''national index or central repository for civil registration'''.<br> *Some ''municipios'' (towns/cities) may have civil registration records beginning as early as 1837. Some of them have been microfilmed and/or digitized by FamilySearch.<br>  *Larger cities may have multiple civil registration districts, and smaller towns may have their own civil registration office, or belong to an office of a nearby town. To determine the political jurisdiction for the town where your ancestors came from, please see the [[VizcayaSpain Gazetteers|Vizcaya'''Spain Gazetteers''']] article.<br>'''Here are several different approaches to obtaining these certificates:''' <div stylebr> ===1. Online Digitized Civil Registration===Currently, there are no online FamilySearch Historical civil registration records for this area. You should check back from time to time to see if they have become available. === 2. Microfilm Copies of Civil Registration Records in the FamilySearch Catalog ===Currently, the Family History Library does not have civil registration microfilms for this area. You should check back from time to time to see if they become available. In the meantime. it is possible to write for the records. ===3. Basque Country===*[ '''RegistroCivil'''] will allow you to order a birth, marriage, or death certificate from any municipality in the Basque Country (provinces of Alava, Guipuzcoa, and Vizcaya) for free. ===4. Writing to the Civil Registry of a Municipality==="width*'''''Juzgado de la Paz''''' or '''''Oficina del Registro Civil ''''' should be contacted if a certificate copy request to the Ministerio de Justicia fails. * Use the following address, filling in the parentheses with the specific information for your town :  : 74%; float: right"'''Oficina del Registro Civil'''<br>::(Street address: [ Getting started with research 27 '''This link'''] will give you addresses for all the civil registries in Vizcaya .)::([ '''postal code''')] (City)<br>::Vizcaya, Spain *[ '''Find the Spain postal code here.'''] <br>*Write a brief request to the proper office. Send the following:  :*Full name and the sex of the person sought. :*Names of the parents, if known. :*Approximate date and place of the event. :*Your relationship to the person. :*Reason for the request (family history, medical, etc.). :*Request for a photocopy of the complete original record. :*Check or cash for the search fee (usually about $10.00). '''Write your request in Spanish whenever possible.''' For writing your letter in Spanish, use the translated questions and phrases in this [ '''Spanish Letter-writing Guide.]''' ==Catholic Church Records == *Catholicism's roots extend deep into Spain's history. '''Parish and diocesan records''' created by the Catholic Church in Spain have long been considered some of the richest genealogical records in the world. Ever since the Council of Trent, Catholic parish records have been consistently recorded, '''usually providing three generations in a single baptismal entry. '''
Welcome to the Vizcaya page! Vizcaya is a province *The vast majority of Spaniards are Catholic, and so almost every Spaniard can be found in Spain which also belongs to the [[Autonomous Community of Pais Vasco|autonomous community records of País Vasco]]. FamilySearch Wiki is a community website dedicated to helping people throughout the world learn how to find their ancestorsCatholic Church. Through The Catholic Church was the Vizcaya page you can learn how to find'''primary record keeper of births, usemarriages, and analyze records of genealogical value. The content is variously targeted to beginnersdeaths, intermediate, and expert researchers. Please visit the [[Help:Contributor Help|Contributor Help]] page to learn more about using the siteuntil civil registration started in 1869. The Spain page is a work in progress, your contributions and [[FamilySearch Wiki:Feedback|feedback]] are essential! '''
New! Join a Genealogy Research Community on [https://www*Some church records have been lost or have deteriorated due natural disasters such as fire, flood, and earthquakes.facebookCivil and political strife has also caused record loss, including during time of the Spanish Civil Facebook] or [[Join a Skype Research Community#Europe|Skype]]
See the tutorials at FamilySearch Learning Center on *The Catholic Church has created several different records. The ''[httpsmost used in genealogical research'' include:// "Reading Spanish Handwritten Records"] baptisms ('''bautizos, bautismos'''), marriages ('''matrimonios'''), and understandingburials ('''[httpsentierros, defunciones, fallecimientos'''). Other records include:// ('''confimaciones''') and pre-script-tutorial/92 "Spanish Script"]marriage investigations ('''expedientes matrimoniales, información matrimonial''').
*'''Tip: '''If you are researching after 1869, when Civil Registration started in Spain, both church and civil records should be searched since there may be information in one record that does not appear in the other.=== Si usted entiende español 1. Online Church Records===*[ '''Dokuklik:'''] Has online parish indexes for the three provinces of the Basque Coutnry - Alava, Guipúzcoa, and Vizcaya.*[ '''Antzinako:'''] A site for the Basque region of Spain with some records extracted. The record collections are not complete.*'''1501-1900''' - [ Spain, Bilbao Diocese, Catholic Parish Records, 1501-1900] - index and images
Le invitamos a buscar información en español en la página de México en el wiki de FamilySearch español===2. También le invitamos a compartir información útil allíMicrofilmed Records From the Family History Library===Currently, the Family History Library does not have church records microfilms for this area. Véase el enlace en la parte inferior de la página You should check back from time to time to see if they become available. In the meantime. it is possible to write for the records.
=== Research Tools 3. Writing to a Catholic Priest for Church Records ===Baptism, marriage, and death records may be searched by '''contacting or visiting local parish or diocese archives''' in Spain. Write your request in Spanish whenever possible. '''''This method is not always reliable. Officials might or might not respond.'''''
*[[Write a brief request in Spanish Letter Writing Guide|Letter Writing Guide]] *[[Spanish Genealogical Word List]] *[ BYU Research Outline for Spain] *Listing of all [httpsto the proper church using this address as guide, replacing the information in parentheses:// records collections for Spain] available on<br>
:'''Reverendo Padre''':'''Parroquia de (name of parish) ''':'''Wiki articles describing online collections are found at(street address) Search [ '''The Church in Spain'''] by province (Selecciona la provincia) or parish (Nombre de la parroquia).:'''([ '''postal code''']), (city), Vizcaya''':'''Spain'''
*[[Spain Baptisms (FamilySearch Historical Records)|Spain Baptisms (FamilySearch Historical Records)]]<br> *[[Spain, Cadastre of the Marquis of Ensenada (FamilySearch Historical Records)|Spain, Cadastre of '''Find the Marquis of Ensenada (FamilySearch Historical Records)]]<br> *[[Spain Catholic Church Records (FamilySearch Historical Records)|Spain Catholic Church Church Records (FamilySearch Historical Records]]) *[[Spain, Consular Records of Spaniard Emigrants (FamilySearch Historical Records)|Spain, Consular Records of Spaniard Emigrants (FamilySearch Historical Records)]] *[[Spain Deaths (FamilySearch Historical Records)|Spain Deaths (FamilySearch Historical Records)]]<br> *[[Spain Marriages (FamilySearch Historical Records)|Spain Marriages (FamilySearch Historical Records)]]<br> *[[Spain, Municipal Records (FamilySearch Historical Records)]] *[[Spain, Pension Records of Widows and Orphans of Spanish Officials (FamilySearch Historical Records)|Spain, Pension Records of Widows and Orphans of Spanish Officials (FamilySearch Historical Records)]postal code here.''']
=== Featured Content ===When requesting information, send the following:<br>
See *Money for the tutorials at FamilySearch Learning Center on ''[https://familysearchsearch fee, usually $ *Full name and the sex of the ancestor sought *Names of the ancestor’s parents, if known *Approximate date and place%3A%22Spain%22 "Reading Spanish Handwritten Records"] ''of the event *Your relationship to the ancestor *Reason for the request (family history, medical, and understanding''[ "Spanish Script"]''. so on) *Request for a photocopy of the complete original record
=== Websites ==='''Write your request in Spanish whenever possible.''' For writing your letter in Spanish, use the translated questions and phrases in this [ '''Spanish Letter-writing Guide.]'''
*[[Geneanet]] *[[Queen Anne's War 1702 to 1713|Queen Anne's War]] *[ Hispanic Genealogy Blog] *[ Spain Genealogy Links] *[ Spanish Genealogy &amp; Family History] *[ GenealogySpot: Spain] *[ Spanish Genealogy Forum] *[ Spanish Script Tutorial] *[ Spain] *[ Directory of Royal Genealogical Data] *[[Spain Websites|Spain Websites]]==Reading the Records==
=== Things *You Can Do do not have to be fluent in Spanish to read your documents. Genealogical records usually contain a limited vocabulary. Use this [[Spanish Genealogical Word List|'''Spanish Genealogical Word List''']] to translate the important points in the document. ===Reading handwriting skills are taught in the [ '''BYU Spanish Script Tutorial'''].
In order *Online interactive slideshow lessons are available to make this wiki a better research tool, we need your help! Many tasks need you learn to be done. You can help byread these records:
:*{{LearningCenter2|203| cellspacing="'''Reading Spanish Handwritten Records, Lesson 1" cellpadding="1" border="0" class="FCK__ShowTableBorders"'''}} |-| *[[Edit a page|Expand an article]] or [[Special:Shortpages|short page]] *[[How to author an article in the Wiki{{LearningCenter2|Create a new article]]<br> *[[How to categorize an article206|Categorize articles]]<br> '''Reading Spanish Handwritten Records, Lesson 2'''}} :*[[Create an external link{{LearningCenter2|Add external links to articles]] *[[Create an internal link207|Add internal links to articles]] .'''Reading Spanish Handwritten Records, Lesson 3'''}}
*Detailed instructions for reading Spanish records, examples of common documents, and practice exercises for developing skills in translating them can be found in the [[Spanish Records Extraction Manual|}'''Spanish Records Extraction Manual.''']]*[ '''The Spanish Documents Script Tutorial'''] also provides lessons and examples.<br>
{{H-langs|en=Spain Province of Vizcaya|es=Vizcaya}} = Tips for finding your ancestor in the records ===
Return to [[Spain Provinces|Spain Provinces]] page __NOTOC__ </div> <!--All text below this is included in a column on the left side Effective use of church records includes the screen--> <div style="width: 24%; float: left">{| border="0" class="FCK__ShowTableBorders" style="background: rgb(255,255,240)"|-| align="center" style="font-family: verdana; background: rgb(238,238,238)" | '''Beginners Corner'''|-| align="left" style="background: rgb(249,243,253)" | *[[Spain Getting Started|Getting Started]] *[[Spain Locating Place of Origin|Locating Place of Origin]] *[[Spain Finding Records|Finding Records]] *[[Spain Resources|Spanish Resources]]following strategies.
|-| style="text-align: center; font-family: verdana; background: rgb(238,238,238); color: rgb(51,51,51); font-size: 85%" | *Search for the '''News &amp; Eventsbirth record'''|-| style="text-align: left; font-family: verdana; background: rgb(250of the relative or ancestor you selected. When you find his birth record,245,255); font-size: 95%; -moz-background-inline-policy: -moz-initial; -moz-background-clip: -moz-initial; -moz-background-origin: -moz-initial; -moz-background-size: auto auto" | <!--Add "News search for the '''births of his brothers and Events" items below--> <br>sisters'''. |-| style="text-align: center; font-family: verdana; background: rgb(238*Then,238,238); color: rgb(51,51,51); font-size: 85%" | search for the '''marriage of his parents.''' The marriage record will often help you find the '''Topicsbirth records of the parents.'''|-| style="text-align: left; font-family: verdana; background: rgb(250,245,255); font-size: 95%" | *[[Vizcaya Archives and Libraries|Archives You can estimate the ages of the parents and Libraries]] determine a birth year to search for their birth records.*[[Vizcaya Biography|Biographies]] Search the '''death registers for all family members.''' *[[Vizcaya Cemeteries|Cemeteries]] *[[Vizcaya Census|Census]] *[[Vizcaya Church Directories|Church Directories]] *[[Vizcaya Church History|Church History]] *[[Vizcaya Catholic Church Records|Church Records]] *[[Vizcaya Civil Registration - Vital Records|Civil Registration]] *[[Vizcaya Court Records|Court Records]] *[[Vizcaya Directories|Directories]] *[[Vizcaya Dwellings|Dwellings]] *[[Vizcaya Emigration and Immigration|Emigration and Immigration]] *[[Vizcaya Ethnic Groups|Ethnic Groups]] *[[Vizcaya Gazetteers|Gazetteers]] *[[Vizcaya Genealogy|Genealogy]] *[[Vizcaya Heraldry|Heraldry]] *[[Vizcaya Historical Geography|Historical Geography]] *[[Vizcaya History|History]] *[[Vizcaya Jewish Records|Jewish Records]] *[[Vizcaya Land and Property|Land and Property]] *[[Vizcaya Language and Languages|Language Then '''repeat the process''' for both the father and Languages]] *[[Vizcaya Maps|Maps]] *[[Vizcaya Military Records|Military Records]] the mother. *[[Vizcaya NamesIf earlier generations are not in the record, Personal|Names Personal]] *[[Vizcaya Naturalization and Citizenship|Naturalization and Citizenship]] *[[Vizcaya Newspapers|Newspapers]] *[[Vizcaya Nobility|Nobility]] *[[Vizcaya Notarial Records|Notarial Records]] *[[Vizcaya Obituaries|Obituaries]] *[[Vizcaya Occupations|Occupations]] *[[Vizcaya Periodicals|Periodicals]] *[[Vizcaya Place Names|Place Names]] *[[Vizcaya Population|Population]] *[[Vizcaya Probate Records|Probate Records]] *[[Vizcaya Schools|Schools]] *[[Vizcaya Societies|Societies]] *[[Vizcaya Timeline|Timeline]]'''search neighboring parishes. '''
|-| style="text-align: center; font-family: verdana; background: rgb(238,238,238); color: rgb(51,51,51); font-size: 85%" | '''Did You Know?'''= References ==|-| style="text-align: left; font-family: verdana; background: rgb(250,245,255); font-size: 95%; -moz-background-inline-policy: -moz-initial; -moz-background-clip: -moz-initial; -moz-background-origin: -moz-initial; -moz-background-size: auto auto" | <!--Add "Did You Know?" items below--> <brreferences />|}
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