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See [ ''Encyclopedic History...''], p. 316-317 .<ref>{{UTChurchLDSJensonsBeg}} p. 316-317 .</ref><br>
'''Boundaries:'''<br><br> Consists Harmony Ward, Parowan Stake, Washington Co., Utah consists of the Latter-day Saints residing in the town of Harmony, Washington Co., Utah which is pleasantly situated on the north side of Ash Creek, on a fine level tract of country which slopes gently towards the south and Ash Creek, while the northeast extremity of the Pine Valley Mountains rise majestically southwest of the settlement about a mile distant. The town lies in a large cove, there being mountains on the south and north, and only six miles west of the main Wasatch Range. The farming land around Harmony is plentiful, but water for irrigation purposes scarce. The place is healthy and produces good grain and all kinds of fruits of the hardier sorts. Harmony is ten miles southwest of Kanarra, 21 miles by nearest road southwest of Cedar City, and 42 miles northeast of St. George.
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