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*[[42nd Regiment, Georgia Infantry (Confederate)|42nd Regiment, Georgia Infantry (Confederate)]]<br>Assembled at Camp McDonald, Georgia, in March, 1862, with men from Gwinnett, De Kalb, Newton, Walton, Fulton, and Calhoun counties.<br>
*[[43rd Regiment43rd_Regiment, Georgia Infantry_Georgia_Infantry_(Confederate)|43rd Regiment, Georgia Infantry(Confederate)]][[|]]<br>Organized at Big Shanty, Georgia, in April, 1862, contained men from Cherokee, Pickens, Cobb, Hall, Forsyth, Jefferson, and Jackson counties.<br>
*[[44th Regiment44th_Regiment, Georgia Infantry_Georgia_Infantry_(Confederate)|44th Regiment, Georgia Infantry(Confederate)]]<br>Completed its organization at Camp Stephens, near Griffin, Georgia, in March, 1862. Its companies were drawn from the counties of Henry, Jasper, Clarke, Clayton, Spalding, Putnum, Fayette, Pike, Morgan, and Greene.<br>
*[[45th Regiment45th_Regiment, Georgia Infantry_Georgia_Infantry_(Confederate)|45th Regiment, Georgia Infantry(Confederate)]]<br>Organized by Colonel T. Hardeman, Jr. during the winter of 1861-1862. Many of the men were recruited in the counties of Greene, Dooly, Taylor, Gray, Berrien.<br>
*[[46th Regiment46th_Regiment, Georgia Infantry_Georgia_Infantry_(Confederate)|46th Regiment, Georgia Infantry(confederate)]]<br>Formed during the spring of 1862 with men from Upson, Schley, Harris, Muscogee, Chattahoochee, Webster, Marion, and Talbot counties.<br>
*[[47th Regiment47th_Regiment, Georgia Infantry_Georgia_Infantry_(Confederate)|47th Regiment, Georgia Infantry(Confederate)]]<br>Organized during the winter of 1861-1862 with men raised in the counties of Mitchell, Randolph, Bullock, Chatham, Screven, Tattnell, Appling, Bryan, Liberty, and Dodge. <br>
*[[48th Regiment48th_Regiment, Georgia Infantry_Georgia_Infantry_(Confederate)|48th Regiment, Georgia Infantry(Confederate)]]<br>Completed its organization at Macon, Georgia, during the winter of 1861-1862. Its companies were recruited in the counties of Burke, Glascock, Warren, Richmond, Jefferson, Emanuel, and Harris.<br>
*[[49th Regiment49th_Regiment, Georgia Infantry_Georgia_Infantry_(Confederate)|49th Regiment, Georgia Infantry(Confederate)]]<br>Organized in November, 1861, with men from Wilkinson, Talfair, Washington, Irwin, Laurens, Pierce, and Pulaski counties. <br>
*[[50th Regiment, Georgia Infantry|50th Regiment, Georgia Infantry]]<br>Organized at Savannah, Georgia, during the spring of 1862. Its members were recruited in the counties of Ware, Coffee, Lowndes, Thomas, De Kalb, Clinch, Colquitt, Berrien, and Brooks.<br>
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