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 [[FamilySearch Wiki]] uses a variety of '''multimedia''' files to enhance content and explain concepts that are difficult to convey via text alone. The multimedia files may be images (photographs or diagrams), audio or video.  When a file such as an image, video or sound clip is [[Help:Uploading images and files|uploaded]] to FamilySearch Wiki an associated '''file page''' is created. See [[:File:Example Image.jpg]]
The purpose of these pages is to provide information about the file, such as the author, date of creation, who uploaded the file, any modifications that may have been made, an extended description of the file's subject or context, where the file is used, and license or copyright information. In the case of an image, the file page shows a higher resolution version of the image, if available. To view the file page for an image or video, click on the image itself. For a sound file, click on the information icon, near the sound clip link.
* [[FamilySearch Wiki:Image use]] policy
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