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==== Pinto Ward ====
See [ ''Encyclopedic History...''], p. 143656-657.<ref>{{UTChurchLDSJensonsBeg}} p. 143656-657.</ref><br>
'''Boundaries:''' <br><br>Clarkston Ward is situated near  Consisted of the Latter-day Saints residing in the village of Pinto and the east base smaller village of Hamblin in the chain Mountain Meadows. The village of mountains which separates Cache Valley Pluto is situated in a narrow valley on Pinto Creek extending from Malad Valleysoutheast to northwest and is about 1 1/2 miles wide. Clarkston Pinto is five six miles northwest west of NewtonHamblin, 20 13 1/2 miles northwest northeast of LoganPine Valley, 15 miles west of RichmondHarmony, 42 miles northeast of St. George by nearest road, the stake headquarters28 miles southwest of Cedar City, and 90 302 miles north southwest of Salt Lake City. It is also five Pinto Creek rises in the Pine Valley Mountains about six miles west southwest of Trenton, the nearest railroad station on Rim of the Oregon Short Line. Clarkston is the center of a farming districtBasin.
'''History timeline'''
*1864 1856 - Clarkston is one Area of Pinto Creek settled in the earliest settlements in Cache Valley, dating back to 1864, when a townsite called Clarkston was surveyed and dedicatedfall. *1864 1859 - The saints were first Pinto was more fully organized into as a branchof the Church on July 17. *1867 - Fall Pinto Branch was organized as Pinto Ward on Jully 11.*1916 - Pinto Ward organization was discontinued, most of 1876 the branch (which started settlers having moved to the new location known as Newcastle.*1930 - Only two families occupied the old townsite of Pinto, one belonging the the Newcastle Ward and the other to the Cedar 1st Ward, both wards being in 1864) then became a wardIron County.
'''Obtain the records'''
*List of {{FHLCAuthorLDSStakesBeg}}ClarkstonPinto+Ward+(Utah) church and other records] for Clarkston Pinto Ward, Utah at the [[Family History Library|FamilySearch Library]].
*For additional resources, see [[LDS Archives and Libraries#Church_History_Library|Church History Library]].

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