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17th Regiment, Tennessee Infantry

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*Company H - men from [[Marshall County, Tennessee|Marshall County]]
*Company I - men from [[Franklin County, Tennessee|Franklin County]]
*Company R - men from [[Jackson County, Tennessee|Jackson&nbsp;County]] and [[Putnam County, Tennessee|Putnam Counties]]<br>Seventeenth Regiment of Tennessee Infantry *Flat Creek Company (Captain J. D. Hoyle) - many men from [[Bedford_County,_Tennessee|Bedford County ]]*Fairfield Company (Captain James L. Armstrong) - many men from [[Bedford_County,_Tennessee|Bedford County ]]*Captain W. A. Landis Company - many men from [[Bedford_County,_Tennessee|Bedford County ]]and [[Lincoln_County,_Tennessee|Lincoln County ]]
*Seventeenth Regiment of Tennessee Infantry
*Organized June 11, 1861
*Company C (Captain R. C. Williams) - many men from [[Marshall_County,_Tennessee|Marshall County ]]*Company F ( Captain R. P. Hunter) - many men from [[Marshall_County,_Tennessee|Marshall County ]]*Company H (Captain R. H. McCrary) - many men from [[Marshall_County,_Tennessee|Marshall County ]]
*Reorganized May 8, 1862
*Company C (Captain J. C. Davis)
Company I ( Captain James Engle)
The above information is from ''TheGoodspeed Histories'', Vol 6.
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