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8. If there is any other text under the heading, be sure to place the intro template on a separate line before any additional text. 
===== Part B - Adding the subheadings =====
1. If any records are already added to the church section, determine which congregation to which the records belong.
:Make a size 5 heading by typing 5 = signs before and after the heading.
:: Example: <nowiki> =====General===== </nowiki>
3. Be sure each heading is on a separate line and before the text which applies to that congregation.
4. Arrange the congregation names in alphabetical order. This may require moving some text which is already on the page. Do as follows to move the text:
:a. While in wiki text, position your cursor in front of the text which needs moving.
:b. Left click and drag your cursor across the text to highlight the information which needs moving.
:e. Right click and paste the moved information in its new position.
5. Do NOT add congregation headings if there is not information about that church.
6. Scroll nearly to the bottom of the page. Add a summary sentence in the Summary box saying something like, "Added church intro and headings".
7. Click on the box "Save Page". The task is complete. <br>
8. Follow the directions in the [[FamilySearch Wiki:Wiki Project Ohio Tasks - Church Intro#Assignment_Chart|Assignment Chart]] section below to report your completed task.
12. Save the page and exit. The task is complete.
=== Example of Completed Heading ===


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