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'''3. Enter information into Personal Ancestral File or similar computer program.'''<br>Family members helped me copy the information from the ''Hohoko'' into the [[PAF and Other Genealogy Organizers|Person Ancesral File computer program]]. From there, it can be printed out as [ pedigree charts] and [[Family group record: roadmap for researchers|family group records]] preparing the names for publication and other work you wish to share.
'''4. Write what is learned and share the information with others.<br>'''We also compiled the stories of our family and published them in a book, Tisina Wolfgramm Gerber, ''[ Iohani Wolfgramm, Man of Faith and Courage]{{FSbook99825}}''&nbsp; [FHL book 921.9612 G313i]. Testimonies, family stories and memories, as well as family history of our ancestors have been compiled in this book.&nbsp;&nbsp; You also could eventually compile your family stories into a book, if you have the time and the means to do it,
'''5. Share the information with others.<br>'''Before we came to America, my father was able to get permission to copy the royal lineage charts of ''Amelia Tamaha'' at the Kings’ palace, and several other charts of Royal ancestors. He brought these with him. The family donated them to the Family History Library as the ''Iohani and Salote Wolfgramm Papers'' mentioned below.

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