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=== Land Records ===
=== Probate Records === For 1666-1795 the probates are found in [[Ryfylke og Karmsund, Rogaland County, Norway|Ryfylke og Karmsund]] judicial district.<br>For 1793-1901 they are found in [[Karmsund, Rogaland County, Norway|Karmsund]] judicial district.<br>The clerical probates for 1692-1812 are found in [[Karmsund, Rogaland County, Norway|Karmsund]] deanery.
Probate records for the years ===== Availability =====Ryfylke og Karmsund judicial district<br> *1666-1795 are in the combined [ Family History Library]<br> *1666-1795 [ og Karmsund, Rogaland County, Norway|+sorenskriveri&protokoll=&periode=&navn= Digitalarkivet]<br> *1666-1815 Probate card indexes sorted by farm name [ and Karmsund+sorenskriveri&protokoll=&periode=&navn= Digitalarkivet]] judicial districts in Rogaland county.
For Karmsund judicial district<br>*1793-1901 the records are in the [ Family History Library]<br> *1793-1901 [, Rogaland County, Norway|Karmsund+sorenskriveri&protokoll=&periode=&navn= Digitalarkivet]] judicial district. The clerical probates are found in [[Karmsund, Rogaland County, Norway|Karmsund deanery<br> *1692-1812 Clerical probate records [ Family History Library]] in Rogaland county, Norway. They are for the years <br> *1692-1812[ Digitalarkivet].
=== Farm Book ===
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