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'''Workshop taught by [[User:AndersonLH|Liv H. Anderson]], Research Consultant at FamilySearch's Family History Library,and [[User:HasletonEE|Elaine Hasleton]], Manager VIP Services at FamilySearch, presented at [[FamilySearch Presentations at NGS 2010|NGS Conference 2010]].'''
*Lutheran Church directory at the Family History Library (FHL)
=== Norwegian-American Societies ===
Such as:
=== Gazetteers ===
If you know the name of the farm where your ancestor came from, you may want to search the Norwegian gazetteers. The 1972 Postal Guide for Norway is online at
*'''Norske Gaardnavne''' (Norwegian farm names) by O. Rygh
The German influence on education was strong throughout Europe, and the script used in the records in many countries was Gothic. This was also the case in Norway until the middle of the 19th century. Many Latin phrases were used as well that you will need to be familiar with.
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