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[[Norway|'''''Norway''''']] &gt; '''''[[Rogaland County, Norway|Rogaland County]] &gt;&nbsp;Ferkingstad''''' <br> 
=== Church Records ===
[ Skudenes: 1758, 1770-1881]
[ Skudenes / Ferkingstad: 1848-1943]
=== Census Records ===
This census contains the persons name, whether resident or temporary resident, those absent from the parish, and their location at the time of the census, position in the family, marital status, occupation, year of birth, place of birth, citizenship, religion, and other miscellaneous information. [ 1900-telling for Skudenæs] at Digitalarkivet.
*'''1910 Census (Folketellingen]''' [ sok/1910 1910 Census Countdownsearch at Digitalarkivet]
=== Court Records ===
=== Farm Book ===
Lillehammer, Arvid, {{FHL|117778|title-id|disp="Skudenes og Skudeneshavn"}}, Karmøy: Utgitt av bygdebokutvalget i Karmøy, 1982. 948.31/S12 D2L FHL INTL Book  <br>
=== Farm Book on the Internet ===
You will find a list of all the farms which are found in the modern Karmøy kommune. As the information comes available there will be a link from the table to the information on a specific farm. On the internet you will only find information of those inhabitants who had registered descendants. A more complete listing is found in the office in Skudeneshavn. You can E-mail inquires to:
=== Farm Names ===
22 Braatet
28 Dyrland
22 Ferkingstad
31 Haga
26 Haugen
29 Hebnes
26 Kvilhaug
27 Kvilhaugsviken
25 Langaaker
30 Langheigjerdet
27 Løken
25 Myren
23 Nes
30 Sand-Haaland
33 Sandve
22 Sletten
21 Stave
24 Stol
32 Vikre
25 Østraatt
=== References ===
[ Oluf Rygh: Norwegian Farm Names]
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