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Montana Directories

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__TOC__ === Online Resources ===
*[ US City Directories Montana] === Record Synopsis ===
A directory is defined as a “book containing names, addresses, and occupations of inhabitants.” It may also be “any list or compilation, usually in book or pamphlet form, of persons, professional organizations, firms or corporations.”<ref>Henry Campbell Black, ''Black’s Law Dictionary: Definitions of the Terms and Phrases of American and English Jurisprudence, Ancient and Modern'', 5th ed. (St. Paul, Minnesota: West Publishing Co., 1979), 415, “directory.”</ref> Several types of directories have been published in the United States over the last two hundred years including: city directories, telephone directories, county and regional business directories, professional, organizational, and religious directories, post office directories, and street directories. Directories have tremendous value to genealogists as both an original record and as a reference aid.
The sections below provide information about Montana directories. For further information about directories in general, see [[United States Directories]].
=== Business Directories ===
*'''1867. '''Langley, Henry G. comp. ''The Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1867: Containing the name and post office address of each merchant, manufacturer and professional residing in the states of California, Oregon, and Nevada: the terriories of Washington, Idaho, Montana, Utah, and Alaska: and the colony of British Columbia. Also, a gazetteer of the counties, cities, and towns, and an exhibit of the resources of the Pacific Coast. ''San Francisco: Henry G. Langley, 1867. Digital version at [ Internet Archive].
*'''1883. '''Steel &amp; Co. ''1883-4 Montana Advertising Directory, containing a complete list of the tax-payers of Montana, showing their address and occupation, arranged alphabetically according to counties; with a directory of federal, territorial and county officers compiled from the returns of 1883''. Helena: Geo. E. Boos &amp; Co., 1883. {{FHL|197266|title-id|disp=FHL film 1697991 item 4}}. Digital version at [ Internet Archive].
*'''1883-84. '''McKenney, L.M. ''Pacific Coast Directory, for 1883-84. Giving name, business, and address of business and professional men of California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, Alaska, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Montana, Arizona, and New Mexico. Together with sketches of the different towns, giving location, population, Etc.'' San Francisco: L.M. McKenney &amp; Co., 1882. Digital version at [ Internet Archive]. *'''1886-87. &nbsp;'''''McKenney's Pacific Coast Directory for 1886-7, giving name, business, and address of business and professional men of California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, and Montana. Together with sketches of the different towns, giving location, population, Etc''. San Francisco, California: L.M. McKenney &amp; Co., 1886. Digital version at [ Internet Archive].
*'''1914. '''R.L. Polk and Company. ''Northwestern Gazetteer: Minnesota, North and South Dakota and Montana--Gazetteer and Business Directory''. St. Paul: R.L. Polk, 1914. {{FHL|142321|title-id|disp=FHL films 1321220-221}}.
=== City&nbsp;Directories === Typically, city directories are published on a local level, hence the name "city" directory.&nbsp;There are no statewide “city” directories for Montana. To find local Montana city directories, check the appropriate Montana city Wiki page. Researchers may also find the following resources helpful:
==== Online Resources ====
*[] ($) has Montana directories available in its their [ U.S. City Directories, 1821-1989] collection. The following cities are currently included: Anaconda, Billings, Bozeman, Butte, Dillion, Fort Benton, Great Falls, Havre, Helena, Kalispell, Lewistown, Livingston, Miles City, Missoula, and Whitefish. *[ Distant Cousins for] has a 1928 Butte, Montana] city directory. *[ US City Directories]&nbsp;identifies printed, microfilmed, and online directories and their repositories.*[ U.S. City Directories on Microfilm in the Microform Reading Room - Montana]&nbsp;(Library of Congress)
==== The Family History Library (FHL) ====
The Family History Library has an excellent collection&nbsp;of Montana city directories on microfilm up through 1935.&nbsp;The cities of Anaconda, Billings, Bozeman, Butte, Great Falls, Helena, Kalispell, and Missoula are well represented. The&nbsp;Library&nbsp;also has&nbsp;printed directories for some select Montana&nbsp;cities that extend into the 1990s.
To find out what records are available at the&nbsp;Library,&nbsp;do a "Place-names" seach in the [ Family History Library -search FamilySearch Catalog]. Search for:
:Montana - Directories
:Montana, [County], [City] - Directories
=== Organizational Directories ===
*'''1942. '''''Directory of Community Service Organizations in Montana''. Helena, Montana: Montana Preparedness and Advisory Commission, 1942. {{FHL|427868|title-id|disp=FHL book 978.6 C44d}}.
== Libraries , Archives and Archives Societies ==
Extensive "Most libraries, historical societies, and archives at the state level have fairly extensive collections of city in-state directories and business may also have directories are available at the from major out-of-state&nbsp;cities."<ref>Remington, Gordon L., "Directories," in Loretto Dennis Szucs and Sandra Hargreaves Luebking, editors, ''The Source: A Guidebook to American Genealogy'', 3rd ed. (Provo, Utah: Ancestry, 2006), chap. 8, p. 327.</ref> The [ Montana Historical Society], [ Montana State University], and the [ University of Montana]&nbsp;have some of the&nbsp;finest collections&nbsp;of Montana directories in the state.
=== References ===
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