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Numerous records of [[Colonial Wars, 1607 to 1763|colonial wars]] have been published. The Family History Library has copies of most of them, including:
*Doreski, Carole. ''Massachusetts Officers and Soldiers in the Seventeenth Century Conflicts''. Boston, Massachusetts: ''The Society of Colonial Wars in Massachusetts and the New England Historic Genealogical Society'', 1982. (Family History Library book {{FHL|84216|title-iditem|disp=FHL book 974.4 M24d}}.) *Bodge, George M. ''Soldiers in King Philip's War''. Baltimore, Maryland.: Genealogical Publishing Company, 1991. (Family History Library book {{FHL|974 M2b186602|item|disp=FHL book 974 M2b}}.) A concise history of the Indian Wars of New England from 1620 to 1677. Contains lists of soldiers, stories of battles, copies of ancient documents relating to the King Philip's War, 1620–1677. *MacKay, Robert E. ''Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the French and Indian Wars, 1744–1755''. Boston, Massachusetts: Society of Colonial Wars, 1978. (Family History Library book {{FHL|11991|title-iditem|disp=FHL book 974.4 M2mc}}.) Gives in-depth information about the years of turmoil among the French, Indians, and Colonists. It includes details about forming the militia force to combat the unrest.
*"Register of the Massachusetts Society of the Colonial Dames of America, 1893-1917" ([ Google Books]) ([ Worldcat]) - lists women who are members of the society and a description of the ancestors military or political service.
[[Image:800px-The death of general warren at the battle of bunker hill.jpg|thumb|right|300x220px|800px-The death of general warren at the battle of bunker hill.jpg|The death of General Warren at The Battle of Bunker Hill]]
=== Revolutionary War (1775-1783) ===
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