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Nobility records (Hidalguías)[edit | edit source]

Research use: The hidalguía is the family history of Spain. It is the work of hundreds of thousands who have spent millions of hours compiling family histories.

Record type: Records requesting status as part of the untitled nobility.

General: Generated by hidalgos as proof of ancestry in order to enjoy the privileges and financial rewards of that status For instance, the hidalgo was exempt from the payment of various taxes and from military conscription. Another reason for petitioning was to obtain membership in a fraternal or military order. Hidalgo status was based on lineage and not wealth so some were laborers, cobblers, shopkeepers, etc.

Time period: 1409-1931 (at least).

Contents: Compiled genealogies and other documentation. The compiled genealogical information usually covers at least three generations (sometimes as many as seven to nine) as well as collateral lines.

Location: Archives from the municipal to the national level.

Population coverage: As much as 30% of the male population.

Reliability: High.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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