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History and Geography[edit | edit source]

Schonsee catholic church, germany.jpeg

Schönsee is a town in the district of Schwandorf, located in eastern Bavaria, Germany. It is situated near the border of the Czech Republic, 38 km northeast of Schwandorf, and 34 km southeast of Weiden in der Oberpfalz.

  • In 1912, the town had 1331 inhabitants and its own Catholic parish. See Meyers Gazetteer for more details. There are several small town and villages associated with the parish of Schonsee; they can be found listed with Schonsee in the Meyers Gazetteer.
  • Today, Schönsee is a town in the municipality of Schwandorf, in Bavaria, Germany. See Wikipedia
  • See the German GenWiki for a list of boundary and jurisdiction changes

Online Records[edit | edit source]

  • Heiratsbelege: Schönsee, 1862-1915 This link takes you to the FamilySearch Catalog list of microfilmed documents for civil records of marriage proclamations, marriage supplements, and permissions to change residence for Schönsee residents (BA. Oberviechtach), Bayern, Germany. They are arranged in alphabetical order according to the last name of the husband. Digitized films (camera icon) can be viewed at a family history center or affiliate library. Requests to digitize can be submitted for films not yet available online (microfilm icon). Eventually it will be possible to view all of these online. For more information about this record type see Bavaria (Bayern) Marriage Proclamation and Residency Records.
  • There is some Schönsee information at Find A Grave
  • Bavaria, Germany, WWI Personnel Rosters, 1914-1918 includes information on some soldiers from Schönsee on This source is most useful when you are able to enter the ancestors full name and place of birth. However if you don't know all those details enter what you can and you may be pleasantly surprised.
  • Various records can be found through the Meta-search tool on the website of the German Society for Computer Genealogy. You just need to enter Schonsee as the place name then click "start search" and it will provide an alphabetical (by last name) list of all the information on this data base from that city.

Civil Registration[edit | edit source]

Schonsee Germany Rathaus.JPG

The Standesamt (Civil Registration Office) at the Rathaus (Town Hall) has records back to around 1887. If you are seeking information concerning your family prior to that time it is necessary to go to church records.

Call the Standesamt before visiting to make an appointment to see their civil records.

Schönsee Standesamt
Hauptstraße 25
92539 Schönsee
Phone: 09674 / 9212-0
Fax: 09674 / 9212-29

Catholic Church Records[edit | edit source]

St. Wenceslaus Catholic Church[edit | edit source]

Some of the Catholic parish records are kept at the Catholic parsonage in Schönsee. They have records dating back to 1883.

It is possible to contact the parish secretary by phone or email with questions.
Tues, Wed and Fri 8:30 to 11:30 a.m.
Thursday 3:00 to 6:00 p.m.

Katholisches Pfarramt St. Wenceslaus
Pfarrgasse 4
92539 Schönsee
Tel: 09674/230

Regensburg Catholic Archive[edit | edit source]

More records are available at the Regensburg Catholic Archive

Regensburg Bischöfliches Zentralarchiv - for most of Oberpfalz
St.Petersweg 11-13
D-93047 Regensburg

Lutheran Church Records[edit | edit source]

Bavaria was and is predominantly Catholic. If your ancestors lived in Schönsee, there is a strong chance they affiliated with the Catholic church because of the prohibitive distance to a Lutheran church. (There is not a Lutheran Church in Schnösee.) However, if you do not find them in Catholic records, you should search the Lutheran records.

  • According to Meyer's Gazetteer, the only close Lutheran church in 1871 was in Neunburg vorm Wald, about a 28 km journey.
Bahnhofstrasse 3
92431 Neunburg Vorm Wald
Tel: 0967291350
Fax: 0967291352
FamilySearch Catalog lists church records, which are currently on microfilm and can now be viewed online. Click on the camera icon to view the records that interest you. Keep in mind that occasionally a family would attend church in a near by village. Which means that if you are not able to find your family records in the town you expect to it may be wise to look at a map and check the records of a neighboring parish, such as Oberviechtach.
  • Today, Schönsee is served by the parish of Oberveichtach, about a 12 km journey.
Road: Martin Luther Street 4
City: 92526 Oberviechtach
Tel: 096711533
Fax: 09671918408
Church website

Cemeteries[edit | edit source]

There is a beautifully kept cemetery in Schönsee just down the street from the Catholic church. If you want to find information on your ancestors in a cemetery, keep in mind that grave plots are reused as often as every 25 years (sometimes 50 -100 years, depending on whether or not the family continues paying the burial fee) in most Bavarian cemeteries. There are a few tombstones dating back to the 1700s. If you have family from one of the small villages near this town and you cannot find a cemetery there, see if Schönsee would have burials for your family. Dietersdorf and Schwand are among those places that use the Schönsee parish church and cemetery. The four cemeteries of Schönsee, Gaisthal, Stadlern, and Weiding are within the jurisdiction of the administrative community of Schönsee.

Additional Help[edit | edit source]

We hope that the above information will be useful to those seeking genealogy for their family from Schonsee, Bavaria, Germany. If you are still struggling be sure to use the "Bavaria Wiki Topics" guide on the upper right side of this page. Another wonderful resource available on Wiki is the Wiki Wizard German videos.