Roman Catholic Records Held At Our Lady of Sorrows in Penang, Malaysia

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Our Lady of Sorrows holds the records of three Catholic churches in Penang, Malaysia: Our Lady of Sorrows, St. John Britto, and St. Francis Xavier. It is anticipated that eventually Our Lady of Sorrows will also hold the records for another Catholic church in Penang by the name of “Church of the Assumption,” which church dates from 1861. Our Lady of Sorrows is located at 33 Jalan Macalister, 10400, Penang, Malaysia. Their telephone number is 04-2261502, and their e-mail is

Those seeking to obtain copies of the records may apply at the parish office at Our Lady of Sorrows. As one enters the parking lot, and the church is directly ahead, the parish office is off on the right hand side. To gain admittance, one must ring a bell at the door. The Parish Priest is Rev. Dominic Santhiyagu, and several office personnel accept requests for copies of documents; however, one must have a name and an event, and be a relative of the deceased.

List of Records Held by Our Lady of Sorrows[edit | edit source]

Our Lady of Sorrows

Baptisms: 1888-2013

Marriages: 1888-2013

Deaths and Burials: 1921-2013

St. John Britto

Baptisms: 1970-1992

Marriages: 1973-2013

Deaths and Burials: 1971-2013

St. Francis Xavier

Baptisms: 1857-2013

Marriages: 1890-2013

Deaths and Burials: 1888-2013