Rockabema Plantation, Maine

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Rockabema Plantation is an extinct former mega-plantation in the forests on the southwest edge of the Central Aroostook townships of Aroostook County. Rockabema Plantation was formed from T6 R5 WELS (Moro), T7 R5 WELS, and the northwest ¼ of T6 R4 WELS (Merrill) in 1846. A reduced Rockabema was formed when the northwest quarter of T6 R4 WELS was left off in the plantation's reorganization of 1855; in 1858 that lost piece became part of the newly organized Merrill Plantation.[1] In 1859 Maine abolished mega-plantations. Therefore, Rockabema Plantation was further reduced by setting off T7 R5 WELS, and by reorganizing Rockabema from just the former Township Number 6 Fifth Range West of the Easterly Line of the State (T6 R4 WELS) in 1860. This smaller Rockabema Plantation had its name changed to the Plantation of Moro in 1870, and reorganized with the Moro name again in 1887 and 1890.[2]

ME Aroostook Co Rockabema map.png

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