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History And Geography[edit | edit source]


Rattiszell (or Rattizell - either spelling is correct)
is a town in eastern Bavaria, about 23 km north of Straubing and 3.2 km
south of Stallwang.

  • It is in the Administrative Region of Niederbayern, the municipality district of Straubing-Bogen and is part of the community association of Stallwang.You can see what other towns are in the same municipality on Wikipedia if you scan down and click on towns and municipalities in Straubing-Bogen.
  • There is additional information about Rattizell in the German Wikipedia
  • Rattiszell covers only 8.56 square miles (22.16 km²) and has a Population of 1,431 (2008).

Civil Registration[edit | edit source]

There is not a civil records office in Rattiszell. This village is associated with Stallwang.

Standesamt (Registry Office) Stallwang
Straubinger Str. 18
94375 Stallwang
Telephone : 09964/6402-0
Fax : 09964/6402-37
Email : info@vg-stallwang.de

Online Records[edit | edit source]

There are not any records on microfilm of Rattizell or Stallwang listed in the FamilySearch Catalog yet. However, there are some records on microfilm of Straubing. It might be a good idea to check those films for your ancestors since Rattizell is in that administrative community.

  • Bavaria, Germany, WWI Personnel Rosters (1914-1918) include information on soldiers from Rattiszell on Ancestry.com
  • Various records can be found through the Meta-Genealogy.net tool on the website of the German Society for Computer Genealogy. Enter the name of the town name in the place box, then click "Start search" and it will produce an alphabetical list of people from that area that are in the database. You can do a more specific search by entering a surname also, or just the surname if you don't know yet the birthplace of your ancestor.
  • Bavaria, Germany, WWI Personnel Rosters, 1914-1918 include soldiers from Rattiszell on Ancestry.com

Catholic Church Records[edit | edit source]

There is a beautiful Catholic church in Rattizell.

St. Benedikt Catholic Church[edit | edit source]

Pfarrkirche St. Benedikt
Kirchstraße 1-4
94372 Rattiszell

None of the parish records are available here. You would need to go to Regensburg to find information on your ancestors from this village. It is best to make an appointment to use that facility to search for information. They are not open every day and close for a variety of German and Catholic holidays. So check and make an appointment before going there to do research.

Regensburg Bischöfliches Zentralarchiv - for most of Oberpfalz[edit | edit source]

St.Petersweg 11-13
D-93047 Regensburg

The records in the Regensburg Catholic Archive are on microfiche which takes time and patience to read. It is necessary to make an appointment to use a film reader. It is also possible to reserve a small, private room with a reader in it. This is very nice if you want to work with another person and converse about your research and findings. (As of October 2019 there was not an extra cost for the private room). There is a 7 Euro fee per day per person to do research and a charge per document you have copied. This can add up to an expensive way to gather information, however, you can just take a pencil (not an ink pen) and paper and write down what you find. The people that work there don't have much time to assist you, so go planning to use a bit of time becoming familiar with their system. If you complete your research at the end of the day they may not be able to have the documents you need copied until the next day. You can return the next day to pick them up or you can pay them to mail them to your home.

Lutheran Church Records[edit | edit source]

Bavaria was and is predominantly Catholic. If your ancestors lived in Rattiszell, there is a chance they affiliated with the Catholic Church, since there is not a Lutheran Church in Rattiszell. However, if you do not find them in Catholic records, you should search the Lutheran records.

  • According to Meyer's Gazetteer, the closest Lutheran church in 1871 was in Kleinhöfling (which is actually a small farm).

Today there are a few Lutheran churches nearby. The closest is in Bogen.

Evanglische Erlöserkirche Bogen[edit | edit source]

Dr.-Martin-Luther-Straße 6
94327 Bogen
+49 9422 1243

There is also a Lutheran Church in Straubing

Church of St. Peter[edit | edit source]

Petersgasse 50A
94315 Straubing
phone +49 9421 21532

  • The Lutheran Archive for Bavaria is in Nurnberg. It is always a good idea to contact in advance and make an appointment to use any archive.

You can email to inquire about information for you ancestors.

Csm LEISKA 3479-15b 2000x1125px 566d9b4959.jpg

Veilhofstraße 8
90489 Nurnberg
E-Mail: archiv@elkb.de

Cemeteries[edit | edit source]

A small cemetery surrounds the Catholic church in Rattiszell and is not difficult to find. If you are hoping to find information on your ancestors in a cemetery, keep in mind that in most Bavarian cemeteries the grave plots are re-used as often as every 25 years. (sometimes 50 -100 years).

To see some of the other cemeteries in this area go to Google Maps

Additional Help[edit | edit source]

We hope that the above information will be useful to those seeking genealogy for their family from Rattiszell, Bavaria, Germany. If you are still struggling be sure to use the "Bavaria Wiki Topics" guide on the upper right side of this page. Another wonderful resource available on Wiki is the Wiki Wizard German videos.