Province of Saxony (Provinz Sachsen) Archives and Libraries

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Province of Saxony
(Provinz Sachsen), German
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Archive Addresses and Repositories[edit | edit source]

Below is a list of many important German archives and repositories. There are also a few entries of archives in localities which are now in other Landstat.If you are not able to find your needed Archive address below, this link will take you to a very extensive list of German Archives: Archives in Germany

Lutheran Archives[edit | edit source]

Archive of the Evangelical Church of the Church Province of Saxony
39108 Magdeburg

Tel. 0391 / 506659-90
Fax 0391 / 506659-96

Catholic (Katholische) Archives[edit | edit source]

Archival Archives Magdeburg
M.-J.-Metzger-Str. 1
39104 Magdeburg

Phone:+49 391 5961-150
Fax:+49 391 5961-179

Parish registers remain in the local churches.

Katholische Archiv Archdiocese of Erfurt
Herrmannsplatz 9
99084 Erfurt

Phone:0361 - 6572 400, 401
Fax:0361 - 6572 444

State Archives[edit | edit source]

Landesarchiv Saxony- (Sachsen-) Anhalt (LASA)
Brückstraße 2
39114 Magdeburg

Phone:0391 / 59806-0 (Central Office)
Fax: 0391 / 59806-600

  1. Open file #9, Local authorities and church communities (Kommunen and Kirchengemeinden)
  2. Open both #9.1 and #9.2 to see lists of localities with records in the archives.