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Nationwide[edit | edit source]

  • Ronald Vern Jackson, A.I.S. U.S. Census Indexes (on Microfiche) (Bountiful, Utah: Accelerated Indexing Systems, 1984). Also in online.
Search 1 1607-1819 Entire United States
Search 2 1820-1829 Entire United States
Search 3 1830-1839 Entire United States
Search 4 1840-1849 Entire United States
Search 5 1850-1860 Southern States
Search 6 1850 New England and northern states
Search 7 1850-1906 Midwestern and western states
Search 7a 1850-1906 Entire United States (searches 5, 6, and 7 combined)
Search 8 U.S. Mortality schedules
For a resource guide to using them, see Accelerated Indexing Systems U.S. Census Indexes (on Microfiche).


Statewide[edit | edit source]

1930[edit | edit source]

  • Soundex Indexes are Unavailable.

1920[edit | edit source]

1910[edit | edit source]

1900[edit | edit source]

1890[edit | edit source]

  • Lost population schedules

1880[edit | edit source]

1870[edit | edit source]

1870 Philadelphia--There were two enumerations for Philadelphia in 1870. Find an ancestor in both to compare them.

1860[edit | edit source]

Indexes for Pennsylvania 1860 census have been divided into 5 sections: East, West, Central, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia.

1850[edit | edit source]

1840[edit | edit source]

1830[edit | edit source]

1820[edit | edit source]

  • Ronald Vern Jackson, Gary Ronald Teeples, David Schaefermeyer, Pennsylvania 1820 census index (Bountiful, Utah : Accelerated Indexing Systems, c1977) [FHL Book 974.8 X2j 1820].
  • Ronald Vern Jackson; Gary Ronald Teeples; United States. Census Office. 4th census, 1820, Pennsylvania 1820 census index(Bountiful, Utah : Accelerated Indexing Systems, ©1978).
  • Ronald Vern Jackson; United States. Census Office, U.S. federal census index Pennsylvania 1820(West Jordan, Utah : Genealogical Services, 2000, ©1978).

1810[edit | edit source]

1800[edit | edit source]

1790[edit | edit source]