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This may refer to:

A division[edit | edit source]

Parish is a church territorial unit constituting a division of a diocese.

  • England Jurisdictions - districts in England formed by the 13th century each with its own priest and often with boundaries the same as the local manor; given increasing civil administrative functions, their civil importance declined with the abolition of Church Rates in 1868.
  • England Jurisdictions - a geographic subdivision of a diocese; the term is used in England to distinguish it from the corresponding civil parish.
  • Parish (Catholic Church)
  • Parish (Church of England)

Derived from church usage, Parish may also refer to a secular local government administrative entity:

To find an individual parish page, go to England Parishes which lists the historic counties of England and links to their constituent parishes. For Wales, start with Start Your Welsh Genealogy.

A Place[edit | edit source]