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Palau Church Records

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For information about records for non-Christian religions in Palau, go to the Religious Records page.

Catholic Church Records[edit | edit source]

Copies of all records listed below are found at the Micronesia Area Research Center (MARC), University of Guam.

Baptism, Death and Marriage Records

  • Melegeok,1923
  • Koror,1931-1932
  • MARC Palau records, Box 1

Baptism Records

  • Koror, Melegeok, Tobi, 1931-1943
  • Anguar, Pelelieu, 1935-1937
  • MARC Palau records, Box 2

Confirmation Records

  • Meleogeok 1922-1928
  • Koror 1921-1939
  • MARC Palau records, Box 4

Death Records

  • Koror 1921-1936
  • Meleogeok 1923-1927
  • MARC Palau records, Box 4