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The genealogical society of Oskarshamn, called PLF (Person-och Lokalhistoriskt Forskarcentrum, Oskarshamn) has created a database of people born, married, or died in Kalmar county. Their project has now extended into the nearby counties of Jönköping Kronoberg, Blekinge and Östergötland. It is a four disc set. Periodically new versions are produced. The localities are organized by Kommun (Municipalities) which include many parishes. The list below shows what municipalities are on each disc. The 2009 version contains index of vital records (births, marriages, deaths) as follows:

Disc 1

Norra Länet (Northern part of Kalmar county)

  • Kalmar Municipalities – Vimmerby, Västervik,
  • Östergötland Municipalities – Kinda, Linköping, Norrköping, Söderköping, Valdemarsvik, Åtvidaberg.

To see a list of parishes on this disce see: PLF CD 1

Disc 2

Mellersta Länet (Middle part of Kalmar county)

  • Kalmar municipalities – Oskarshamn, Hultsfred, Mönsterås, Högsby,
  • Jönköping county municipalities – Aneby, Eksjö, Jönköping, Nässjö, Sävsjö, Vetlanda.

To see a list of parishes on this disce see: PLF CD 2

Disc 3

Södra Länet (Southern part of Kalmar county)

  • Kalmar municipalities – Emmaboda, Kalmar, Nybro, Torsås,
  • Kronoberg municipalities – Lessebo, Uppvidinge,
  • Blekinge municipalities – Karlskrona, Ronneby,

To see a list of parishes on this disce see: PLF CD 3

Disc 4

Öland (Island part of Kalmar county)

  • Kalmar municipalities – Borgholm (northern half of island),
  • Mörbylånga (southern half of island)

To see a list of parishes on this disce see: PLF CD 4

Vocabulary to help with reading discs
[edit | edit source]

Alla -- all

Begravnings -- burial’s

Datum -- date

Dopdatum -- christening date

Dopvittnen -- witness to christening

Döda -- died

Döds -- death’s

Dödsorsak -- cause of death

Dödsort -- place of death

Efternamn -- surname

Eller -- or

Faderns -- father’s

Födda -- born

Födelsedatum -- birth date

Födelseförsamling -- birth parish

Förnamn -- first name

Hemort -- residence

Klar -- exit

Kvinnans -- the woman’s

Källa -- source

Lysnings -- betrothal's

Mannens -- the man’s (husband's)

Moderns -- the mother’s

Namn -- name

Om -- about

Rensa -- clear

Skriv ut -- print

Sök -- search

uppgifter -- information

Valda -- select

Vigda -- married

Vigsel -- marriage

Vigselförsamling -- marriage parish

Övriga -- other

Spelling[edit | edit source]

To use the database, correct Swedish spelling must be used. This means that the letters Å, Ä, and Ö must be typed with the diacritics. For help typing these letters click here.

Availability[edit | edit source]

This set of CD-ROMs may be purchased from the Person-och Lokalhistorisk Forskarcentrum and ordered online.  

This CD-ROM may be available at local Swedish-American research centers in various states.

The CD-ROM is available at the Family History Library but not at the Family History Centers. It is CD-Rom no. 6393 in the Family Hsitory Library Catalog.