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WieWasWie is the main website for dutch genealogy from 1811 onwards. It contains 105 million names in its expanding database of civil registration in the Netherlands and its colonies from 1811, as well as some records before this. This page lists which records are avaliable for some places in Overijssel. The page WatZitErIn shows which records are online for any place in the Netherlands. 

Overview[edit | edit source]

Most marriages to 1932 and deaths to 1960 for Overijssel are on WieWasWie. There are no scans linked to records yet. Not many places have births, and the indexes for births that do exist are basic. Some records have an incorrectly indexed date, often indexed as '1-1-1000' and '1-1-2099'. This also affects the WatZitErIn page, making some of its data useless.

No Church records, population registers or military registers exist yet. Some Family Notices in newspapers may exist, as that collection covers the whole of the Netherlands.

Coverage Table

Place Births Marriages Deaths
Dalfsen 1811-1932 1811-1960
Enschede 1811-1932 1811-1960
Kampen 1811-1932 1811-1953
Olst  ? 1811-1960
Tubbergen 1811-1932 1811-1950
Zwolle 1811-1902 1811-1932 1811-1955