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Most family history periodicals reprint copies of local sources of genealogical value. These may include genealogies; information about local records and archives; queries; census indexes; and transcripts of family Bibles, biographies, church records, court records, guardianships, naturalizations, deed abstracts, vital records, cemetery records, land records, military records, tax lists, mortality schedules, obituaries, and wills.

Genealogical Periodicals[edit | edit source]

The major genealogical periodicals that are helpful for research in Ohio are:

  • Gateway to the West [1]
  • Ohio, the Cross Road of Our Nation. (Also known as Ohio Records and Pioneer Families [2]
  • The Report [3]
  • The Firelands Pioneer [4]
  • The Firelands Pioneer, New Series [5]
  • The Firelands Pioneer, Third Series [6]This periodical is invaluable for north central counties in Ohio.

Indexes[edit | edit source]

  • Ohio Genealogical Periodical Index: A County Guide [7]

Most of the periodicals listed above have annual indexes in the final issue for the year. For nationwide indexes to some of these and other family history periodicals, see the "Periodicals" section of the PERiodical Source Index (PERSI). [8]Refers to items published in thousands of English-language and French-Canadian family history periodicals. Annual indexes have been published yearly since 1986. For further details, see the PERiodical Source Index Resource Guide (34119).

A compact disc version that includes all PERSI volumes published through 1996 is:

  • "PERSI Periodical Source Index [9]

Family History[edit | edit source]

For more family history periodicals, study the [FamilySearch Catalog Place Search |Place Search of the FamilySearch Catalog] under:


Websites[edit | edit source]

Ohio History was established in June 1887 as the Ohio Archaeological and Historical Quarterly. For more than one hundred years, the journal has published peer-reviewed articles and book reviews on topics spanning the political, military, social, economic, and cultural history of our region.

References[edit | edit source]

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