Ohio Civil War Union Units 9th through 22nd

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The information in this list of Ohio Military Units comes from the Civil War Soldiers and Sailors web site (CWSS). This web site can also be searched by the name of a soldier. The Ohio Civil War Genealogy Center by the Ohio Genealogical Society uses the same data as the CWSS, but its search engine is more flexible, allowing for searches by partial name and Soundex.

Regiments 9th to 11th[edit | edit source]

  • 9th Regiment, Ohio Infantry
    Mustered in: May 27 to June 13, 1861 at Camp Dennison, Ohio.
    Mustered out: June 7, 1864 at Camp Dennison, Ohio.
  • 10th Regiment, Ohio Cavalry
    Mustered in: October, 1862 at Camp Taylor, Cleveland, Ohio.
    Mustered out: July 24, 1865 at Department of North Carolina.

Regiments 12th to 15th[edit | edit source]

  • 13th Independent Battery, Ohio Light Artillery
    Battery never fully organized. One Section mustered in February 15, 1862. Attached to 4th Division, Army of the Tennessee.
    Discontinued April 20, 1862, the men being transferred to 7th, 10th and 14th Ohio Batteries.

Regiments 16th to 19th[edit | edit source]

  • 16th Regiment, Ohio Infantry
    Mustered in: September 23-December 2, 1861at Camp Tiffin, Wooster Camp Chase, and Zanesville.
    Mustered out: October 31, 1864 at Columbus, Ohio.
  • 18th Regiment, Ohio Infantry (3 months, 1861)
    Mustered in: Between April 18, 1861 and April 27, 1861 at various locations.
    Regiment organized at Parkersburg and organization perfected May 29, 1861.
    Mustered out: August 28, 1861 at Columbus, Ohio.
  • 19th Regiment, Ohio Infantry (3 months, 1861)
    Mustered in: April and May, 1861 at Cleveland, Ohio.
    Mustered out: Companies: "A" August 27, "B" and "C" August 29, "D" August 30, "E" August 28, "F" August 30, "G" August 31, "H" August 18, "I" August 30, "K" August 31, 1861 at Columbus, Ohio.

Regiments 20th to 22nd[edit | edit source]

  • 20th Regiment, Ohio Infantry
    Mustered in: August 19 to September 21, 1861 at Columbus, Ohio.
    Mustered out: July 18, 1865 at Louisville, Kentucky.
  • 22nd Regiment, Ohio Infantry
    Mustered in: November 5, 1861 at Benton Barracks, Missouri.
    Mustered out: November 18, 1864 at Camp Dennison, Ohio.