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North Carolina Freedmen's Bureau Field Office Records with Freedmen and Refugee Names

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The following is a selected list of records with Freedmen and Refugee names in the North Carolina Freedmen Bureau Field Office Records from NARA microfilm publication M1909

Records with Freedmen and Refugee Names

  • Office of the Assistant Commissioner (Other Records), Roll 1, Register of Destitute Freedmen
  • Surgeon, Roll 4, Register of Sick and Wounded
  • Beaufort, Roll 6, Monthly Land Reports, Reports of Persons and Articles Hired
  • Beaufort, Roll 7, Leases, Register of Patients Treated in Hospital and Quarters
  • Charlotte, Roll 8, Reports of Persons and Articles Hired\
  • Charlotte, Roll 9, Rosters of Officers, Register of Complaints
  • Charlotte, Freedmen’s Hospital, Roll 9, Register of Patients, Register of Sick and Wounded at Camp Sumner
  • Elizabeth City, Roll 12, Misc. Statements of Rents Collected on Property
  • Fayetteville, Roll 13, Reports of outrages by Whites against Blacks
  • Fayette, Roll 14, Report of Outrages, Complaints, Register of Complaints
  • Franklinton, Roll 15, Register of Complaints, Records Relating to Court Cases and Complaints
  • Goldsboro, Roll 17, Applications for Relief, Complaints and Dispositions
  • Graham, Roll 18, Register of Complaints, 2 volumes
  • Greensboro, Roll 20, Reports of Persons and Articles Hired, Reports of Courts, Register of Rations Issued, Register of Complaints and Letters Sent Relating to Complaints
  • Greensboro, Roll 21, Records Relating to Court Cases
  • Henderson, Roll 23, Reports of Arrests, Transcripts of Cases Tried
  • Henderson, Roll 24, Register of Civil Cases, Records Relating to Complaints and Court Cases, Register of Complaints
  • Hillsboro, Roll 26, Register of Complaints, Records Relating to Cases Tried and Destitute Freedmen
  • Lexington, Roll 27, Register of Complaints
  • Lincolnton, Roll 28, Register of Complaints
  • Lumberton, Roll 29, Registers of Complaints, 3 volumes, Contracts, Indentures
  • Magnolia, Roll 30, Rosters of Officers and Civilians, Register of Complaints
  • Morganton, Roll 31, Indentures
  • Morganton, Roll 32, Applications for Rations, Register of Rations Issued
  • Newberne, Roll 39, Monthly Land Reports, Register of Complaints, Indentures and Contracts
  • Newberne, Roll 42, Register of Complaints, Register of Rations Issued, Register of Abandoned Property
  • Newberne, Roll 43, Descriptions of Abandoned Plantations, Agreements for Leasing Abandoned Plantations, 3 volumes, Contracts and Leases, Register of Property to be Returned to Former Owners
  • Newberne, Roll 47, Register of Claims, Register of Bounties Paid, Misc. Records Relating to Bounties
  • Newberne (Hospital), Roll 47, Register of Patients at the Smallpox Hospital
  • Oxford, Roll 48, Reports of Person and Articles Hired, Contracts and Transcripts of Court Cases, Records Relating to Court Cases and Complaints
  • Plymouth, Roll 50, Register of Complaints
  • Raleigh, Roll 51, Register of Indentures, Lists of Rations Issued
  • Raleigh, Roll Contracts, Indentures, Affidavits, Bounty Receipts and Miscellaneous Receipts
  • Roanoke Island, Roll 53, Descriptions of Property
  • Rockingham, Roll 54, Register of Complaints
  • Rocky Mount, Roll 55, Reports of Outrages and of Persons and Articles Hired
  • Rocky Mount, Roll 56, Labor Contracts
  • Salisbury, Roll 62, Rosters Received and Sent, Indentures, Contracts, and Leases of Land Received, Records Relating to Freedmen’s Accounts
  • Salisbury (Freedmen’s Camp), Roll 63, Records of the Freedmen’s Camp
  • Smithfield, Roll 63, Reports of Cases Tried
  • Smithfield, Roll 64, Register of Complaints, Registers of Claimants to Abandoned of Confiscated Property 3 volumes
  • Smithville, Roll 64, Contracts and Certificates Proving Destitution and Eligibility for Rations
  • Statesville, Roll 64, Contracts
  • Trent River Settlement, James City, Newberne Subdistrict, Roll 64, Proceedings of a Court of Inquiry Convened to Investigate Charges Against Edward Fitz, List of Destitutes in the Trent River Settlement
  • Wilmington, Roll 74, Certificates of Destitution for the Issuances of Rations
  • Wilmington, Roll 75, Register of Complaints, 2 volumes
  • Wilmington, Roll 76, Registers of Complaints, 2 volumes, Register of Claims for Bounties, Register of Rations Issued, Contracts, Register of Indentures of Apprenticeship, Register of Laborers Wanted(Employees) and Labor Wanted (Employers)
  • Wilmington, Roll 78, Leases for Houses and Tenements, Register of Abandoned Property, Applications for and Records Relating to Restoration of Property