North Carolina Civil War Confederate Units 1st through 4th

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The information in this list of North Carolina Military Units comes from the Civil War Soldiers and Sailors web site (CWSS). This web site can also be searched by the name of a soldier.

1st Battalions and Regiments[edit | edit source]

  • 1st Battalion, North Carolina Junior Reserves- Confederate
    Ogranized with three companies at Camp Holmes, near Raleigh, on 25 May 1864.
    Fourth company added on 15 June 1864.
    Consolidated with the 6th Infantry Battalion, Junior Reserves, and designated as the 70th Infantry Regiment (1st Junior Reserves) at Weldon on 4 July 1864.[
  • 1st Regiment, North Carolina Junior Reserves
    Formed in July, 1864, at Weldon, North Carolina, by consolidating the 1st and 6th Junior Reserves Battalions which had just been organized.
    Surrendered with the Army of Tennessee.

2nd Battalions and Regiments[edit | edit source]

3rd Battaions and Regiments[edit | edit source]

  • 3rd Battalion, North Carolina Light Artillery
    Organized near Raleigh, North Carolina, in February, 1862, contained three companies.
    Most of Batteries B and C were captured at Fort Fisher.
    Battery A participated in the Battle of Bentonville.
    Surrender on April 26, 1865.

4th Battalions and Regiments[edit | edit source]

  • 4th Regiment, North Carolina Senior Reserves
    Organized in early 1865.
    Surrendered with the Army of Tennessee, at Durham Station, Orange County, North Carolina, on 26 April 1865.
    Does not appear in the Official Records.
    Also known as the 73rd North Carolina Infantry Regiment.