New South Wales Civil Registration

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New South Wales Civil Registration

Civil registration began in New South Wales with the commencement of the 1855 Act for Registering Birth, Deaths and Marriages on 1 March 1856.

Until 1st January 1976, the registration of births, deaths and marriages was a duty and function of the Registrar General when they were transferred to the Principal Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages.

Online indexes are available for births (1788-1907), deaths (1788-1977), and marriages (1788-1957) at the New South Wales Government site at

Related online resources are listed on the New South Wales Vital Records article.

The following are the addresses of civil registration offices where requests may be made:

New South Wales
Office of the Registrar General of Births, Deaths, and Marriages
G.P.O. Box 30
New South Wales 2001

Statistics on births, marriage and deaths are published by the Registrar General as follows:

  • Registration. Annual report from the Registrar General. 1856-1866
  • Vital statistics. 1867-1894
  • Annual report on vital statistics. 1895
  • Vital statistics 1896-1898
  • Statistician's report on the vital statistics on NSW. 1899-1900

These reports are found in section N.6 of the Colonial Statistics Introduction above. They can also be found in the Journals of the Legislative Council at G.NSW/J.

microfiche at MIC319.4/70 described in the

Fisher MIC ARCHIVES Authority of New South Wales
929.394 The genealogical research kit
8 Sydney 1984 +

The research kit is a microform reproduction of selected NSW colonial archives, including Register of baptisms, burials and marriages, list of convicts 1788-1823.

Fisher MIC NEW South Wales Registry of Births, Deaths and
929.394 Marriages
1 NSW Registry of births, deaths and marriages
pre 1956 to 1905.
Sydney: W and F Pascoe 1982-


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