NIXON : Nödvåndigt Index Omfattande Namn : genväg till tidigare person-historik forskning

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This CD-Rom is an index of a large number of books of genealogy and biography mostly for the area of Östergötland, Småland, and Öland. This database has been created by the staff of Vadstena Landsarkivet (regional archive of Vadstena). It contains over 500,000 names from Jönköping, Kalmar, Kronoberg, and Östergötland counties and gives a reference to where to find biographical and/or genealogical information for each name. When searching this database remember to capitalize the first letter of each name and not to just use all lower case letter or all capital letters.


This database is available to purchase from Landsarkivet i Vadstena, Box 126, 592 23 Vadstena, Sweden. You may also contact them by email at .

This CD-ROM may or may not be available at local Swedish-American research centers in various states.

The CD-ROM is available at the Family History Library but not at the Family History Centers. It is CD-Rom no. 6219 in the FamilySearch Catalog.