Muscongus Isle Plantation, Lincoln County, Maine Genealogy

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United States Gotoarrow.png Maine Gotoarrow.png Lincoln Gotoarrow.png Muscongus Isle Plantation

Muscongus Isle is an extinct plantation, now the unorganized territory (township) of Loud's Island in Lincoln County in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Bristol, Maine. Muscongus Isle is said to have seceded from the town of Bristol, the State of Maine, and the United States over disputes regarding disfranchisement in the 1860 Presidential election, and subsequent taxes, and Civil War draft registration.[1] The former plantation has since rejoined the Union and in the 1930s rejoined Maine, but never reunited with Bristol.

Muscongus Isle is mentioned as a plantation in 1870 Maine legislative records.[2] The population declined after the 1880s until the local school closed in 1962. About that time the last year-around residents left the island.[3] Louds Island is now unorganized territory.

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