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Purpose of Research Tips and Strategies Wiki Page

The Morocco Research Tips and Strategies page consists of links to specific research strategies for Morocco. It also contains general tips and other resources for finding your ancestors in this locality.

Ask yourself the following questions:[edit | edit source]

  • Who of the family still lives in the Mid East?
  • Whom do I know that still reads and writes Arabic?
  • What family members are living in the US?
  • You want to go to the website below with the US-Phone listings entering your surname
  • There are ways to find the addresses of family members
  • What do I want/not want to express in a letter to family members that I am not close to anymore?

Please, don’t underestimate the IGI

Go to

Click on ‘Search’ -Click on ‘Search For Ancestors’

Type in only the Arabic surname

Click on ‘Exact Spelling’ and ‘Enter’

Check how many of those names listed are part of your ancestry Should you find one or more of those listed might be of your own family glean and add the information to your data/records.