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Marriages - Methodist in NYC, NY 1785-1893

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Marriages- Methodist (Episcopal) Churches- in NYC, NY 1785-1893
Below is a list of the Methodist (Episcopal) churches and the years covered in the following book: (I do NOT have a copy of the book. I do not know if the FHL has other records for these churches):
_New York City Methodist Marriages, 1785-1893_, compiled by William Scott Fisher, published 1994 by Picton Press, POB 111, Camden, Maine 04843-1111; ISBN 0-89725-179-2 [vol one], [vol 2] ISBN 0-89725-180-6; 2 volumes- vol 1= index of brides; vol 2= groom index. Available at FHL- as a book: US/Canada 974.71 K2fn. Also at Seattle Public Library as a reference book.
This book is very well done. (I have no connection to the author/publisher, etc)
All of the info in this book was drawn from FHL films 17779--17782. See their catalog/ or the above book to see which church is on which film.
The info supplied for each church differs. Some records, for example, include witnesses. The original films also have some other records besides marriages for a FEW of the churches. I do not know which churches also have non marriage info. (Some churches are listed more than once. See also the last entry.)
-records of William M Stillwell 1818-1829
-ditto part two, 1830-1851
-Forsyth Street Church 1837-1875
-Yorkville Church (Park Ave) 1844-1865
-Chelsea Church (24 Street) 1845-47, and 1858-1864
-John Street Church 1785-1820
-Duane Street Church, 1811-1817 [see comments below]
-Allen Street Church, 1811-1820
-"register of all churches", 1820-1837
-Allen Street Church , 1837-1866
-Central Church (Vestry Street), 1836- 1893
-43rd Street Church, 1861-1865
-27th Street, 1838-1869
-2nd Avenue Church ("now Trinity"), 1860-1867
-2nd Street Church, 1837-1871
-18th Street Church, 1838-1860
-Sullivan Street Church, 1842-1865
-27th Street Church (Rose Hill), 1863-1866
-Harlem Mission Church (St James), 1838-1844, 1852-1857
-Dry Dock or 9th Street Church ("now 11th"), 1846-1864
-7th Street Church, 1886-1887
-First Mariners Church (Cherry Street), 1844-1860
-50th Street Church ("now Lexington Avenue"), 1850-1869
-Lexington Ave Church ("formerly 50th Street"), 1869-1886
-St Paul's Church, Mulberry Street (formerly 2nd Wesley Chapel),
-Corner of Madison and Catharine Street, 1843-1855
-Chelsea Church (30th Street), 1864-1874
-Trinity Church/Free Tabernacle (34th Street), 1854-1880
-86th Street Church, Yorkville ("now Park Ave"), 1865-1873
Duane Street Church, 1838-1863
-Duane Street Church [sic], 1859-1868
-John Street Church, 1840-1860
-43rd Street Church, 1852-1861
-Bedford Street Church, 1838-1864
-Asbury Church (Norfolk Street), 1842-1860
-7th Street Church, 1837-1864
-Greene Street/Asbury Church, 1860-1893
-Willett Street Church, 1836-1866
-Greene Street Church, One Broadway Hall ("now Asbury"), 1832-1869
-Records of Rev. Henry Chase, 1821-1853
For an alphabetical list of baptisms performed (from 1822-1853) by the Methodist Episcopal NY City Rev Henry Chase, see (FHL film 17777) IGI batch c505651