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In the early 16th century the population was estimated at 0.4 million people in the areas of these tropical countries. The populations of Malaysia, Singapore and North Borneo in 1900 were estimated at 2.5 million inhabitants. By 1950 they had reached 7.5 million. The latest estimates at the end of 1997 show Malaysia with 21.7 million inhabitants and Brunei with 0.3 million.

Malays are the dominant ethnic group in Malaysia with about 50% of the population, 31% of the population are Chinese, and 8% are Indian. 10% are indigenous ethnic groups, and 1% are others including Europeans, Filipinos and Australians.

In Brunei 69% of the population are Malays, 18% Chinese, 7% Indians, 5% indigenous groups, and 1% others.[1]

Peranakans or Peranakan Chinese[edit | edit source]

Peranakans are an ethnic group of Chinese settlers originating from the southern provinces of China and settling in Malay archipelago - now encompassing Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and southern Thailand. The Peranakans are descendants of some of the earliest Chinese settlers and have many unique cultural customs and traditions that are a mixture of ancient China and the Nusantara region.[2]

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