Louisiana Civil War Confederate Artillery Units

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  • 1st Regiment, Louisiana Heavy Artillery (Regulars)(Confederate)
    This unit was organized 5 February 1861 and was part of the Louisiana State Army, later transferred to the Confederate Regular Army. The regiment was headquartered at the New Orleans Barracks, but companies served at various forts defending New Orleans.
  • 2nd Field Battery, Louisiana Light Artillery (Confederate)
    Organized about March 1, 1862 at Red River Landing with 130 men.  It was designated to serve as Company B and called Miles' Legion Artillery, but it often acted independently of the legion.  Most men disbanded at the surrender of the Trans-Mississippi Department in May 1865, but some men were paroled in Alexandria on June 3.
  • 4th Field Battery, Louisiana Artillery (Confederate)
    Organized in 1862, including men from Tensas Parish, Louisiana and Jefferson County, Mississippi. In 1864, the battery moved to Arkansas and remained there until moving to Marshall, Texas in early 1865. The battery was one of the last to surrender to the Federals.
  • 8th Battalion, Louisiana Heavy Artillery (Confederate)
    8th Artillery Battalion was organized during the early spring of 1862 with men from the New Orleans area. The battalion served at Forts Gaines and Morgan, and in August, 1864, most were captured. The unit no longer existed.
  • Fenner's Battery, Louisiana Light Artillery
    Organized May 16, 1862 at Jackson, Mississippi from men disbanded from the 1st Louisiana Infantry Battalion. the company lost the last of its guns at Mobile in April 1965.  The battery was paroled at Meridian in May 1865.
  • Holmes' Battery, Louisiana Light Artillery (Confederate) Organized March 24, 1864. Part of the unit was captured October 5, 1864 at Woodville, Mississippi. The remaining men reorganized in Mobile, Alabama and were assigned to the Missouri Battery. Paroled at Meridian, Mississippi May 14, 1865.
  • King's Battery, Louisiana Artillery (Confederate)
    Organized May 14, 1862 as St. Martin Rangers, but converted to artillery May 1863. Captured at Fort DeRussy on the Red River near Marksville in March 1864. After exchange, the men served as cavalrymen or mounted infantrymen.
  • Pointe Coupee Artillery, Louisiana (Confederate)
    Pointe Coupee Artillery Battalion was organized in November, 1861 with three companies. The battalion was consolidated into one company. It then joined the Army of Tennessee and was active in the Atlanta, Tennessee, and North Carolina Campaigns. With less than 25 men it surrendered on April 26, 1865.
  • Robinson's Horse Artillery (Confederate)
    Attached to the Louisiana Calvary and formed in September 1861.  The Louisiana Tiger Battalion were added in the summer of 1863.  Served in Chickamauga.  The unit consolidated with other horse artillery batteries in December 1863.
  • Washington Battalion, Louisiana Artillery (Confederate)
    Washington Artillery Battalion was organized in 1838 and fought in the Mexican War. It then was known as the "Native American" Battery. Reogranized in 1852 as the Washington Artillery. It was mustered into Confederate service on May 26, 1861 with five companies. A small number surrendered at West Point, Georgia, in mid-April, 1865.
  • Watson Battery, Louisiana Artillery (Confederate)
    Watson Light Artillery, organized at New Orleans, Louisiana, during July 1861. The company was converted to heavy artillery and captured on July 9, 1863. The men were exchanged, but the unit was not reorganized