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This page is a compilation of websites that may be useful to you in your Latvian research. Some of these websites may be in Latvian. If you are using the Google Chrome browser, simply right click anywhere on the page and select the option Translate to English. If you do not have the Google Chrome browser, go to and change your language settings to translate from Latvian to English. Paste the URL that you would like translated into the Latvian box and then click on the hyperlink that appears in the English box. This will open up a translated version of the web page.

Information and Resources[edit | edit source]

These websites contain information about Latvian genealogy and links to resources available on other websites.

Archives and Record Repositories[edit | edit source]

These archives and libraries contain records pertaining to Latvia. Note that some records may not be available online.

Indexed Records[edit | edit source]

These websites contain indexed records:

Surname Databases[edit | edit source]

These websites may be useful in determining where in Latvia your ancestor's surname came from:

Jewish Records[edit | edit source]

Explore these websites to find information about Jewish records.

Forums and Facebook Groups[edit | edit source]

Need a question answered? Try checking out some of these forums and Facebook groups.

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