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Quick Facts[edit | edit source]

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Former name[edit | edit source]

Geographic location[edit | edit source]

City Hall[edit | edit source]

Kendrick City Hall
808 Railroad Street
Kendrick, ID 83537
(208) 289-5157

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Church History and Records[edit | edit source]

Lutheran[edit | edit source]

Cameron Emmanuel Church (Lutheran)‎
12633 Cameron Road
Kendrick, ID 83537-7068

(208) 289-3472

Methodist[edit | edit source]

Kendrick Community Church (United Methodist)‎
Kendrick, ID 83537

(208) 289-4527

Other[edit | edit source]

Assembly of God Church‎
208 Main Street
Kendrick, ID 83537

(208) 289-4590

Leland Pioneer Community Church‎
33233 Leland Road
Kendrick, ID 83537-7009

(208) 289-2411

Southwick Bible Church‎
40192 Southwick Road
Kendrick, ID 83537-7101

(208) 289-4867

Directories[edit | edit source]

The Idaho State Archives in Boise has a collection of city, county, state and regional directories.

Funeral Homes[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

The Nez Perce and Palouse tribes, who wintered along the Clearwater and Snake Rivers, came in the spring and summer to dig camas and kous roots, pick huckleberries, fish, and hunt. Trapper visited the area next. North West Company enters the area between 1810 and 1830. Followed by a few traders and missionaries, miners swarmed into North Idaho in the early 1860s looking for gold along the Palouse River and in the Hoodoo Mountains northwest of Potlatch. Permanent settlers arrived in the late 1860s, taking up homesteads on the fertile hills. By the 1880s, the homestead lands had been claimed and the region dotted with small settlements and larger communities. The arrival of the railroad in 1885 spurred rapid growth, and by 1900.

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Minorities[edit | edit source]

Newspapers[edit | edit source]

Historical[edit | edit source]

Copies of the following newspapers published in Kendrick are included in the collections of the Idaho State Archives in Boise:

Gazette-news -- 1969:1:2-1985:6:27
Kendrick advocate -- 1891:6:20, 8:8, 9:12, 9:19
Kendrick gazette -- 1900:5:25, 1911:9:1, 1940:7:4
Kendrick gazette, 1903 -- 1903:5:1-1968:12:26 and 1989 -- 1989:8:10-present

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