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State Information[edit | edit source]

Kelantan is located in the north-eastern corner of the Peninsula Malaysia. It is also known by its honorific name Darul Naim (Jawi: دار النعيم,) or "The Blissful Abode". It covers an area of 17,100 km2 (6,600 sq miles). Kota Bharu is the capitol of the state. The head of state is the Sultan of Kelantan, and the head of government is the Menteri Besar. Due to Kelantan's relative isolation and rural lifestyle, Kelantanese culture differs somewhat from Malay culture in the rest of the peninsula; this is reflected in the cuisine, arts and the unique Kelantanese Malay language. Kelantan's population are 94% ethnic Malays, and under the Malaysian Constitution, all Malays are Muslims; therefore, Islam is the most influential religion in the state. [1]

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The sea road to the East, Gibraltar to Wei-hai-wei

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